Thursday, December 16, 2010

Voiceless Is Useless

   Voiceless Is Useless
Give up, never !  Retreat, hell no !
I've staked my corners, surveyed my lines,
My mind's made up, my resentments grow.
Join me who feel, "These are the times
That try men's souls." as Thomas Paine
Did, a long two hundred years ago.
Many years back, but still the same,
Anguish bleeds hurt from veins that flow
Patriotism and family and duty to country.

Voiceless is useless in times as these.
Inadequate, no, you don't need mastery
Of pen or voice to cry out " Freeze ":
The killing fields of weapons production,
The American dependance on fossil fuel,
The politicians underhanded seduction,
The government using you as a tool, a fool."

   Ronald C. Downie 

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