Friday, December 3, 2010

The Carousel PTC#9

    The Carousel - PTC #9-

Round and round, up and down,
Horse and lion, giraffe and hound,
Children laughing, smiling, asking,
Please, please ! Again, again !
Another ride ! Please, again !

Nostalgia, dreams, oh memory,
Young and old, all, everybody,
Climb abroad ! The organ plays 
Familiar tunes of bygone days .

1905 at the birth of Century Twenty
Wood carving artisans hew a plenty
Standards and jumpers to stencil then paints
Murals of landscapes, portraits of Saints .

The ring, the ring, get the brass ring,
Coveted is such a small round thing .
Heart jumping, anticipation high
Circling round and around for another try .

One hundred years soon gone by
Hark, listen to echoes of a joyous cry
Melded within these ancient pieces
For boys and girls, nephews and nieces .

In tribute to you fine workers all :
Helpers, investors, you believers tall,
We will honor his memory forevermore
For the living : those happy, healthy, and well
The Derek Scott Saylor Memorial Carousel .

   Ronald C . Downie 

These are festive times in Pottstown,Friday, December 3,on High Street at our Town Center Park. Christmas season is upon us with food, music, and song while lights and activity excite.
The carousel was to do all these things, and more, and on an every day basis so it would invigorate our Town worn down. More than a decade has passed since the Grand Idea of an operating vintage carousel located here in Pottstown. The staying power of those activests remains a wonderment to me and I applaud them.

When Pottstown rebounds by awakening into a new era of prosperity the things like parks, public events, cleanliness and orderliness, will be commonplace and a functioning attraction like The Carousel P T C #9 will shine through for it's foresight.

We build on the past to assure a future because the beauty of a horizon is that it shifts as the viewer shifts to expose new opportunities to achieve. I understand a new cheerleading school is forming, possibly already formed, to cheer on Teem Pottstown. Good Luck !

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