Sunday, October 25, 2015

"Democrats fall in love ; Republicans fall in line." These political statements tell the truisms of party affiliation.

Democrats need a person to vote for that they can truly love and that they can adore and vote for.

Republicans, rather, need party chiefs who choose a standard bearer that the rank and file voters can accept and vote for.

One party relies on the magnetism of the person that they believe will fill the job contested for and fill it properly.

The other party relies on the mechanics of party operatives to pick a person to lead the party and win the election.

Ronald C. Downie

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Texas rains may be headed our way as will the remnants of Hurricane Patricia. Are we ready or are we just unconcerned ?

I'm sorry to be a worrywart but I've written to the borough multiple times about the impending problem with the King Street Bridge. When the dam was still intact below the High Street Bridge it created a damning of water up stream almost to Beech Street. It was upstream there where the beginning of slack water caused pebbles and sand to filter out and islands developed. But under the King St. bridge full currents of creek water flowed.

Today, as an aftermath of removing that dam, islands of silt have clogged one of the two channel openings under the bridge reducing the gross amount of storm water which can freely flow under it. The borough has cut down the growth of voluntary vegetation growing on the island upstream but this island is still a storm impediment, at least it was two weeks ago.

If you remember the past times when the Manatawny overflowed its banks and many homes and businesses were flooded out. If the county and the town get their acts together they could dredge the creek and remove these island obstructions. 

Ronald C. Downie
Blood Red

At sun up, blood red sputtered out
Coloring Limerick's belched plume.

Recalling elementary
Days at Lower Pottsgrove Grade School.

Where teachers taught impressionable
Neophytes about cloud colors.

Intense cloud color comes from dirt
In the sky, dust, impurities.

Seems sun rays reflect off floating
Particles in plumes or high air.

But, to me watching morning wake,
Red sky Is like a darn red light.

Stop! Wake up, be alert! Stop!
Why should Limerick's plume run blood red ?

What color will radiation's
plume bloom into ? Should we worry ?

"Almost free electric promised",
Payment, I guess, for future ills.

Haven't gotten iodine pills
Yet. My diet is all pills now.

Who's kidding who? Is blood red an
Oman ? Is a color deadly ?

Just some thoughts on sun up's pleasure.
Thinking's muted when we sleep too late.

Ronald C. Downie

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Morning's so bright, air's so crisp :
Invasive frost's sun up's pleasure.
Deep delft blue heaven on display
As sun rays speak with gilded tongue.

At dawn, autumn arrives early
On uncommonly lovely day.
Forget the calendar, rather
Watch thermometers at their work.

Day's beginning is similar
To life's start : begins by leaving
Warmth, comfort, security, peace.
Whether one's bed or mother's womb.

Morning, through out a lovely day,
Our minds leap forward seeking trails
Never tread by humans nor beasts.
Not on maps, but in folds of thought.

Awakening as daylight peeks
Launches full days to savor life.
Sleep cleared all decks, secured all ropes.
Set sail, cast off, unfurl canvass.

Ronald C. Downie

Thursday, October 15, 2015


You're my namesake, Grandson Cameron,
Half my age, both handsome and rugged.

Like a wound up spring, harnessed energy
Finds you deep in thought, creating goals.

The lantern lighting your path has flickered
From time to time during your last half life.

A life's struggle is to keep its wick always lit.
Quite a task in today's World of horrid storms.

It takes a man's man sometimes to accomplish
This, but at forty, you should have adapted well.

Happy Birthday, young man, and hope all's well.
Life's a quest at gaining confident contentment.

Love, Nanny&PopPop

Friday, October 9, 2015

Casey, A Birthday Admonition

Life's, but a game of quarters and halves,
Your's, quarter gone, three fourth to go.
Formal education recorded, moving on.

Life's, just like a bowl of sweet cherries,
Sample them, and you can't stop eating.
Good days similar, each to be savored.

Life's, the first marching band of a parade,
Line straightness and cadence paramount.
Looking good beginnings of feeling good.

Life's, a playbook of winning quarterbacks,
Pass or run chosen to take full advantage
Of the opponent's weakness, a daily chore.

Life's, but a top button on a designer shirt,
Formal or crass, how you use it, important.
Dignity found in simplistically cool gestures.

Life's, like a dull pencil, needs daily sharpening.
It comes to life when attention is paid its way.
Graphite spins tales of both good and bad days.

Finally, life is what you make it, my dear, Casey.
It's subject to change on wimps and whispers,
Stand tall and resist those weak impediments?

Always With You !
Happy Birthday !
Love Nanny&Pop Pop