Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Connie

Happy Birthday Connie

I look across the living room
There on her old brown recliner
The love of my life, eyes shut, naps,
Tuckered out from cold work outside.

December's rush of Christmas
Demands all of Connie's energy.
Year in-year out on her birthday
She works in the cold, in the wet.

Without complaint she's duty bound,
Non demanding, she puts up with me,
Takes each day at a time, level headed
Mother of three and also a Grandmother.

But to me : a wife, a soul mate,
My connection to life's destiny.
She brought to birth our dear children,
Now their's are poised to mold the World.

Connie is the breath of our union
Who has stabilized our marriage,
Allowing the growing family peace
To function, each at their own pace.

I pray you remain your own self.
I pray you always have good health.
I pray all struggles are of the past.
I pledge, Dear, my enduring love.

As I look across the living room
I see you there ... .

   Ronald C. Downie

Words I hold forever in my heart, your husband, Ron.

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  1. What a loving tribute!
    Thanks for sharing, Ron.
    Rev. Dave