Monday, February 20, 2017

House Hunters and Friends,

Are you looking for a house in the north end of Pottstown ? Or, do you know someone who is looking ? If so, wife Connie and I have a perfect home for you to look at, "778 North Evans St."

Recently we moved to Florida to live with our youngest daughter, Lia, a nurse, and live out out life here under her care : I'm 82, Connie's 77.
We lived at 778 for 42 years and raised our three children there.

The primary reason we chose North Evans Street to live was the convenience this house has to raising young children. Franklin Elementary School is but a four block walk, the Middle School and the High School a one block walk, the First Presbyterian Church is next door. Busses run just one block away on Charlotte and also on Wilson Street. A Turkey Hill, convenience store, one block away and two restaurants are but a three block walk.

The house has three bedrooms on the second floor along with a full bathroom. All three bedrooms are sufficiently closeted. On the first floor is a "Mother-In law-Quarter" bedroom/sitting room,  and a full bathroom, a utility room, a kitchen, a large dining room, and a full house width living room with a fireplace and a large cedar closet. Both living and dining rooms are floored in old time hardwood. Both front door and back door access. The front door opens to a large livable front porch and an attractive walkway entrance complete with mature shrubbery and trees.

The neighborhood is pleasurably livable, clean, and quiet. 778 N. Evans is the last house accessed by a dead end alley with two off street parking spots adjacent to a large, stand alone garage. Although not utilized by us, it is my understanding a public gas line runs in the street.

This house is well worth a look ! The house will be sold "as is" to you or to someone else with a vision. Since it was built as a two unit I'd be willing to talk to investors who are looking for a more long term return.

I am : Ronald C. Downie to be reached at - 941-966-5929

Saturday, February 4, 2017


The poem - yes, the lowly, forgotten poem - once a mainstay of commutation, way back in antiquity, because it was a form that allowed messengers to memorize thoughts and words by verse and meter, and memorize through rhyme and rhythm so early man could discount both time and distance when messages were sent between far flung villages. "Heaven t' Betsy" present day captains of communication have found poetry as an excellent means to convey a message.

Check out some of the latest TV advertisements and see if the poetry pleases you : one's by Walt Whitman, "The Song of the Open Road" ; another by Dylan Thomas, "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night". Recently I found another one but, being that I'm unfamiliar with both the poet and the poem, I can't say anything about it.

Maybe the romanticism with Poetry will escape from the public's psyche and flow through their intellect instead. Combining words into thoughts which moves people to act is the intent of the advertiser and, finally, they've hit upon a new catalyst, the poem. I only hope they continue their dependence on this form of dialog.

Ronald C. Downie