Sunday, December 19, 2010



"Sapphire"they called her, it's a nickname true,
Not a "Chicken Hill" mamma, but a gemstone blue.
She touched our lives unlike most people do,
Cared and she shared and she joined the few
Whose love for life embraced you, yes, you too.

A read of Nature on this day, July 14,1993 :
A flood on the Mississippi, a quake Japan sea,
Stifling heat in the east brings most to their knee.
We watch then we read it as we wait to be free
Over that we have no control, but a prayerful plea.

We, Nature's servants, our bodies are like trees
Needing nourishment, care, and prayerful pleas.
The wind, the rain, the snows, and the freeze
Are withstood by trees with the greatest of ease.
Please, Dear God, make Joyce's body equal to these.

    Ronald C. Downie

For Joyce Hall "Sapphire" Kulp on her 60th birthday
My sister-in-law, Joyce , Affected the lives of so many people
in so many ways that it's hard to describe most of them. Certainly
anyone who knew her remembered her. Please comment if you feel a need
as I felt a need to publish this poem I wrote for her seventeen years ago.

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