Friday, December 31, 2010

A Shaman Thoughts For A New Year

   A Shaman Speaks

High up in a mountain top cave sits an
Old man crossed legged ,grey bearded ,robed .
Embers wisps a sharp herbal fragrance
On the breeze fanning the wood fire .
I have come to seek out Wisdom
From this Shaman in his temple .
How else does one get great ideas
If not from minds of learned men ?

" Oh , Great Seer , how shall I best live 
My life ? I feel I'm such a low life 
Since all around me I see myself
In other people who themselves need help ."

   The Shaman speaks :

"Be clean and neat , be orderly ,
So little cost ,so great a reward .
Satisfy these basic human needs :
Be content , controlled , simple , and clean ."

"Be honest ,especially with yourself ,
If truly in your own mind you're a cad ,
Tell yourself you are , don't lie about it .
You must lead your own self to freedom ."

"Reward comes from effort through work .
Expect none if you don't freely give
Of yourself . If you're lazy , suffer .
A hand up always trumps a hand out ."

"Seek strength from external forces .
Always choose your beliefs wisely .
Question yourself , be ready to change .
Make wonderment your personal temple ."

"Gather facts to develop knowledge ,
From this wisdom may emerge .
Through wisdom comes original thought
Which has a chance to change our World ."

I asked ,"Anything else , Great One ?"

"I'm tired , but, seek out beauty ,
Need little and want even less ,
Balance desires , promote life's needs ,
Heed the message of your inner voice ."

I sensed the story of Moses carrying 
The Ten Commandments down from
The mountain . Scripture or Shaman Speak ?
Chose the message to live your own life by .

   Ronald C . Downie    

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