Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Extraordinary Maneuvers

Thinking more and more about non-human intelligence created by our military for the next generation of effective fighting force implementation ; I return to these life long questions still unanswered :

How do fish swim independently in extremely close schools but swim without touching one another ? Secondly, how do birds fly in quite close formation : huge flocks darting left or right, up and down, synchronized as if it were a scripted ballet but without touching ?

I guess Man has used birds for man's benefit : homing pigeons carried messages, of course, birds have fed the populous, I imagine, for ever. In the seas dolphins have been trained to retrieve items from
various depths, they carry cameras to survey the depths. Fish have fed much of the World's people with nourishing sustenance forever.

I have wondered all my life how are birds and fish brains wired to perform these phenomenal physical gymnastic maneuvers from birth and seemingly done without any practice ? Will drones and robots be able to program themselves in a way to simulate what the birds and fish do ?

Well, I've given 82 years to this life and I have more unanswered questions than I ever thought I'd have at this age. Rather, my problem seems to be, l'm caught in old life and I can't remember what I can't remember except for short bursts of thought like I've just written about here.

Ronald C. Downie

Monday, August 21, 2017

Watching 60 Minutes

Last evening watching 60 Minutes I saw a piece on military upping their emphasis on computer led intelligence. Ships which eventually will cross the oceans free from human involvement. Also, huge fleets of drones will be able to swarm the air and organize themselves in a force to master a human directive. I'm sure more robots will used in battle situations, as was depicted.

Computers are said to be way ahead of humans in quick problem solving. These drones and robots which are built by man along with the mechanics of robot construction are becoming more and more sophisticated that some concerned citizens worry about artificial intelligence usurping humans by disrupting the grand chain of command. Will they take over the world and run it as they please ?

Ronald C.Downie