Wednesday, December 29, 2010

High Street The Fox

  High Street The Fox

When wisdom lifts her tardy head
To view the past from far ahead ,
Will she not know the measured beat
Of Pottstown's reborn foremost street ?

One million dollars to be spent
To make it old with new cement.
A master plan now so complete,
Will the town rebound or just the street ?

Will merchants' clamor fill unused space
So customers flock a new found place ?
But when they come from way afar,
Best they walk, not use a car.

Meters soldiered in curb side ranks,
Hostile environment, not merchant " thanks".
Kill ring of coin in meter box -
Makes mall the rabbit - High Street the fox !

          Ronald C. Downie.

Note: Written as an attempt to rid the town of parking meters some years back but, it seems, they may be on the way back as tickets are . Parking police with their tickets and meters with their coins hardly pay for the effort. Three things the malls have that High Street doesn't offer : no tickets - no meters - and a shopper can readily see the door they want to enter from their parking spot. It's tough to see a store's entrance on High Street from any of the parking lots the town promotes. Therefor, there has to be some other compelling reason a shopper would choose to come downtown rather than go to a mall. The Big Question is "What"?

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