Sunday, June 19, 2016


"The die is cast": daughter, Lia, booked our "oneway" ticket from Lehigh Valley Airport to Punta Gorda Airport, Florida, August, 12th. aboard Allegiant Airlines.

"Oneway" tells that the outcome will be quite abrupt, no returning to my town of over 80 years, my final years a snowbird monitored by daughter, Lia, a nurse by profession. Connie, my wife of 50 plus years, will get the support she needs to function effectively into an escaping future.

Eight weeks to go, as I write these words, two months and we'll be in the air headed south. Most seek south to enjoy sun, sand, water, and sun with the freedom of movement to experience these pleasures. I'd love to do this, but my physical insufficiencies will limit me somewhat more than my lack of energy will. Still, the universe I'll live in will be limited basically to bedroom, toilet, and sitting room, along with some adventuring out doors to a back yard. Air conditioning is a way of life in Florida that eludes us up here so everyday life will be less stressful in Snowbird Land.

I'll take along with me that which each of you, as well myself, can carry into our deaths, which is, our memories. Memories are you own gateways allowing you to live in the present while bathing in the warmth of the past. Some live deeply in the past but most, I expect, keep the past in perspective and have a comfort in the balance between the present and the past. I still have enough mental acuity to    handle a huge memory bank complete with numerous thoughts of each of you who I have come in contact with over many, many years.

Respectfully, Ronald C. Downie

Monday, June 6, 2016

Evan Brandt, Happy Birthday

The vaunted press of bygone days just an empty shell except for some bearded bears still alive, still beating the bushes, in outposts sprinkled about in the hinterlands. Look at you, Mr. Brandt, you're one of those bears so very well respected, still shaking the trees, still a bookend of knowledge in a World gone bonkers at, like water, seeking its lowest level. May this one and each ensuing birthday honor you, a man attracted to knowledge and a man willing to share his with the World.

Ronald C. Downie