Wednesday, December 31, 2014


As Americans, we decide whether or not to live our lives in quiet desperation or live life on the thin edge of emotion. Passions are birthed out of the bubbling cauldron of emotions stocked full during our youth but, through time, diminish from the riggers of aging, as I have experienced, and which I try to describe by the meaning and intent of my words in the following poem.


Long in years,            
     when passions pout -

Old's seen change,   
     heard hymn and shout -

Wondering still,
     what life's about -

Fire in the belly,         
     long turned to gout -

Thin's in,                 
     so we shun the stout -

The long haired poet,           
     termed a lout -

His poetic wish,                 
     to shout it out -

Wisdom through thought,     
     to live without -

We are the lesser,          
     left yet in doubt -

Deep in years,       
     time when passions pout !

Ronald C.Downie.   

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Posted Poet: Basketball ConundrumsAnymore Christmas Day is a ...

The Posted Poet: Basketball Conundrums Anymore Christmas Day is a ...: Basketball Conundrums Anymore Christmas Day is a tribute to a winter sport, basketball. All day into the late of night, from tip off to la...
Basketball Conundrums

Anymore Christmas Day is a tribute to a winter sport, basketball. All day into the late of night, from tip off to last whistle, the games, one after another, go on and on. Notably was the Miami Heat verses the Cleveland Cavilers, LeBron James against his old team mate Dwayne Wade. 

For Philly fans who witnessed the 76ers last game against Miami earlier in the week probably figured this would be like a walk in the park for Cleveland and they would just pummel Miami. That's really what happened when the 76ers overcame a 23 point deficit in the third quarter and defeated Miami at the end, handily. It's tough to figure that an upstart Philly team could do something a true contender, Cleveland,  couldn't do. Professional sports take some amazing turns that even the wisest pundits could not predict. 

Well, the wobbly pundit that I am, won't watch the 76ers tonight, too late a start at 10PM. I'd love to, but I'll never keep my eyes open past 11 o'clock. Sunday I'll watch the swan song of our vaunted Eagles. That way I'll be able to holler at the talking heads who will be apologizing for the fall of another Philly team while forgetting losing is a generalization endemic to Philly teams. Someday, probably beyond my lifespan, Philly teams will repopulate with superior athletes and announcers will fadeaway, bringing on a more honest reporting, enabling Philadelphia to reach supremacy on their sports venue once again. I hope you'll be alive to witness this era.

Ronald C. Downie

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sport Of Holidays

Unlike bygone years when Xmas holidays meant cutting down a tree over at the Christmas Tree Farm, acquiring the raw materials to make tree ornaments and presents, then finding time to accomplish both efforts. Today, in the hub bub of accelerated living, the only constant seems that more and more sports can be seen on television during Holiday Seasons. 

Another World Being arriving here on Earth for the first time could certainly think football, basketball, and soccer, maybe even ice hockey, were the main celebratory events scheduled around Earth man's holidays. They battle one another over roundish things, some inflated with common air so they can bounce, in order to excite an audience assembled to watch them. Far too often they punched each other when formal action slowed. They seemed to be of a brutal race willing to maim or be maimed just over a game played with a ball or a hunk of rubber. Humans are certainly a special type of earthlings, guess they could call them planetary humanoids. 

Replacing the religious aura surrounding our yearend holiday celebrations, sports seems to have filled the void in people's lives once dedicated to spiritual ritual.As the public ages, spirituality goes along with it, leaving the roar of a younger crowd supplanting the quiet of the temple for the elderly. The sight of graven images, a constant found throughout biblical teachings, has been transformed also into the din of the stadium.The masses can be drawn into most any folly especially when frenzy draws in many who normally would not let the crowds effect them. The herd mentality subtly takes hold of groups and dictates outcomes not often thought of; sort of, crossing the water by migrating herds while knowing there are crocodiles waiting in the water for a meal. Watch out for herders for they may draw you into following the crowd which could get you being a meal.

Ronald C. Downie

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

As Love Grows

Unlike any other evening during a mid-week respite,
Early spring, actually April 22, Wednesday Evening,
Little bit later than we'd normally eat evening supper,
We arrived at Grace Lutheran Church, North Charlotte. 
Seven o'clock the ceremony began and's over quickly;
Back to the Chestnut Street homestead for finger food. 

Suit cases in the white Pontiac ready for New Hope, to
A motel on the hill, Connie's hair needs some attention.
Off to get a bite to eat before bedding down, morning's
Ready for day one, up river toward New York City's
World Fair. Short stop in Milford at Frederick Duckloe  
Furniture : two short backed benches, one tall chair.

Big Apple's in our sight, Taft Hotel is our destination.
Piano Bar for an evening nightcap suites us just fine.
For a full day at the fair, we follow the pressing crowd 
Toward the subway, climb on board, today accepts us.
Overwhelming, to just walk and look at all the pavilions,
What's most impressive ? That which lasts yet today.

Flushing Meadows, of tennis fame, retains the round 
Steel globe of our planet as a center focus yet today.
Memory brings 1964 back into my mind each US Open
Tournament when television cameras pan the grounds. 
As all trips, they're over before realizing it's happened,
Eventfully short was our honeymoon at a World's Fair.

Now, over a half century later, a wishful life continues
In spite of those trials and tribulations common to most.
Business wasn't really just growing and planting trees;
Rather, it's assuming debt without being subdued by it.
Connie, you handled the home front : house - children;
I wandered about : partnerships/ventures, but survived.

Together, down the path we'll continue to its endpoint, 
You assuming many jobs I once held, you're in charge.
Once our provider, I feel I've done what I could, I tried. 
Eventually our union will become dissolved, me gone,
But we'll live on through our children and grandchildren.
Marriage, honeymoon and family  products of our love.

With All My Love,
To My Wife,

* * *
The Downie's name lineage, Connie's and my children and grandchildren :

Evan, at MCCC, is just 21 this month; Casey, our oldest, at 25, are the children of Ronald, Connie's and my son, who is the youngest of our three children : Heather, Lia, and Ronald. 

Lily's pressing 15 years of age is at Daniel Boone High School, her brothers, Ian, 19, is at Rochester, New York, Institute of Technology and, Connor, 22, is at Catholic University, Washington DC. are our daughter Heather and James Kurtz's offsprings.

 Daughter, Heather graduated Penn State University and received a Masters Degree from Alvernia University a few years ago. Lia, a critical care nurse at Sarasota Florida Memorial Hospital, continues her pursuit of the preferred degree in her field. All grand -children will, are, or have attended college with Casey, our oldest granddaughter leading the way, she graduated Franklin & Marshall College a couple years ago. Today she works in the field of education.

Connie and I pride ourselves in realizing that the gaining of organized knowledge is one of the highest callings a person can receive. May learning never end, it is a life time adventure.

"Go forth and spread beauty and light."

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What's The Future
The lid keeping despots from taking over the country seems to be coming loose. Individuals are showing their muscles, will they coalesce ?
Even Gandhi tried to promote non-aggression without success. He failed by giving up his life to a gun shooter's bullet, children die now !
Carnage is rampant not only throughout this World but it is apparent now in The USA, once thought of as a harbinger of safety and freedom.
Ronald C. Downie

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our "Go To" Guy, Evan Alexander Downie

Neither walking on water nor loaves into fishes,
Does our grandson, Evan; son Ronnie's, boy,
Accomplish. But, what  he does for grandparents, 
Connie and me, we feel is of similar significance.
Evan understands the subtle needs of aging adults :
We need a helping hand to do quite menial tasks.
From time to time, a smiling face coming in the door
Brightens a lackluster day with a look, a happy hello.

You, Evan, our work oriented grandson's birthday is 
Today. Twenty One is an eventful day, which with 
The tic of the clock, elevates you from youth to adult.
A Man, by law, requires you to always act responsibly. 

We're sure you understand how important your life is.
A desire to care for other people is a biblical calling,
It embodies the principal : "Do for the least of us as 
You have them do for yourself", self fulfilling prophecy.

You are discovering the difference between Needs and 
Wants : a Need is what's required to live life fruitfully,
Want is something you desire free from life sustaining. 
To fully appreciate each is an experience in adulthood.

Youthful jaunts are fleeting away in past memories ;
Adult journeys are tugging at you to be now started.
Each journey, we are told, starts with the first step,
Every building rises brick by brick, one after another. 

It is up to you, "go forth and spread beauty and light,"
Be a nimble warrior by warding off negative thoughts, 
Be a polished striker, soccer's of the feet and head.
You're the kind of person our World needs, good man.

Reward yourself with an education first, then travel
The World spreading your knowledge throughout it.
Your importance flows through your veins with ease,
Don't flaunt it, accept it. Your the man of this hour.

A good man is not alway easy to find, you need be 
Born for the job, for -"a job worth doing is a job worth 
Doing well"- "a good job is its own reward"- your date 
Of birth, your 21st is a starting point, Happy Birthday!!!

With All Our Love,

Monday, December 8, 2014


I just experienced a fall which didn't infirm me anymore than I've already been: on a walker shuffling along waiting for the inevitable to happen. A small throw rug buckled up and caught my foot as I was moving from my bed toward the adjacent bathroom. Quicker, than I ever could imagine, face forward I fell. The crash was heard by my wife, Connie, in the living room and she came post haste. There I was prone on my belly tangled up in my walker bleeding from a cut on toes of my right foot while, all the time, wondering how the hell was I going to get up. 

Once upon a time, I was considered quite a strong, powerful man who gained his prowess by working all his lifetime out of doors at physical labor. In my younger years I became tuned toward agility by playing organized sports both football and basketball. Today, two month from eighty years old, all that I had pushed into my body has withered away, gone forever. I now find myself on the floor bleeding trying to roll over to crawl to my bed and pull myself up on it. I couldn't do it!
I was unable even with Connie's help to pull myself up onto my bed. It's a harsh realization that a lifetime's strength has left you forever and you're now dependent upon others for your continued existence.

Connie called our son, Ronnie, who was a sleep having worked 11 to 7 at Dana. He arrived and surveyed the situation. From behind me he encircled my chest under my armpits with his arms and physically lifted me up and laid me on my bed. Thank goodness for a strong son ! There, Connie dressed my cuts and I tried to compose myself. The rug disappeared by the time I tried to shuffle out to the living room to resume a semblance of normal living. I'm somewhat conscious of moving more slowly now but I'm leery yet about what will be my final demise. Many oldsters die of complications from falls and I suspect I'm a good candidate to be one of these. My fervent hope is you will not be one of these, too. Take care !

Ronald C. Downie

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sherri Lynn

No more lilting melodies dream the senses
Alive, but when the beat, a drumming beat, 

Tickles both feet, dancing a tap, tap, tapping ;
Rhythm moves hips to catch music's peaks.

Music seems to be the elixir of the youth in  
Folks, sweet in sound, substantial of energy,

Governed by notes, but still free of inhibitions,  
Allows few, by lyric and sound, find their spirit.

Dance centers the ultimate extension of sound
When captured by couples caught in its rhythm.

Weather orchestrates movements by sun and rain;
Musicians, in charge of swing, by song polish same.

In a carpet weave, like the footwork of a dance,
Threaded in design, builds final consummation.

It is presumptuous, I describe the World of Dance, 
Since you have the true gift of expressive words.

Again, the celebration of another year gone by
Is a reason, I verse, in written form : Happy Birthday !

With Love, 
Connie & Dad