Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Ronald C. Downie, 1935–2017

Since 2010, Ron Downie has shared his poetry with the world on The Posted Poet. He took great pride in this blog. And we, his family, took great pride in him.

Ron has been gone for more than a year now. But his poetry and this blog live on as a testament to his sharp mind and boundless creativity.

Ron published on this blog and Twitter all on his own—he was more tech-savvy than many men a quarter of his age. He was also more dutiful: composing posts one tap of the virtual iPad keyboard at a time, long after his fingers lost their ability to feel. He so appreciated all of those who took the time to read his poetry.

And we, too, appreciate you. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments here.

News coverage:
Pottstown MercuryLongtime Pottstown public servant Ron Downie dies at 82 
Reading Eagle: Not forgotten: Ronald C. Downie was a pragmatic politician and a farmer poet (features an audio recording of Ron reciting "Song Tune.")

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What's A Heart For ?

Waking today has been a pleasure even though at the beginning of the week, today was never to come, only to be left for memory lane. Went to the hospital, Sunday, October 1, late afternoon. My eyes had gone haywire, my head was whirling, and without a clue I was coughing up the dry heaves for minutes at a time, for periods of 10 minute duration.

The ambulance crew took my vital signs upon loading me and one in particular stuck out, my heart rate, which constantly recorded below 40 beats per minute. For one period the rate dipped below 30 down into the high 20's. They took me to the ER at Sarasota Memorial and I was admitted there.

The admitting ER doctor asked me of any pains, which having none, he said a pacemaker would be the only thing he could suggest that would address the apparent problem with my heart. Where at, I asked him if implanting a pace maker would that improve my overall life issues ? No, he replied. I would still be confined to a walker and would decline further from ordinary age infirmities. He could not predict how poor my heart was, only that the slowing in beats, was an indicator of something in my heart functions were happening negative to norm. Norm in our population is between 70 and 100 beats per minute.

My thought was, why in Hell would I extend an undesirable life of decline, pain, and anguish ? Beyond that, my thought was, I've given life nearly 83 years, so is there some gate keeper keeping track of my accomplishments while living and I haven't given enough ? Or, Is my heart just telling me, Ron, you've done plenty but now's the time to let go. You've wet enough diapers, soiled your share, put more than your share of helpers busy tending to your individual needs.

Friday came and my five days were up as the ambulance team swept in and whisked me away delivering me back to Nokomis. I'm still in the .Hospice system but now at home where nurses and social workers come to deliver services. I now have a wide seat Wheel Chair, a newer hospital bed, a rolling table. My only wish would be that infirmities would pop up to be corrected, but not so, they seem to pop up to accumulate into a deadly group of singing goodbyes.

Ronald C. Downie

Monday, September 25, 2017

If we survive our government's blunders, will we survive possible tsunamis, or violent volcanoes, or huge blizzards, or tremendous rain events ?

Poor Mother Earth : she is shaken from earthquakes, wind whipped by hurricanes, choked by smoke from forest fires. We who populate the Earth wonder.

Highly disappointed and disgusted with both Facebook and Twitter.
Where did Russian influences begin and when will they end is the unanswered ?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Extraordinary Maneuvers

Thinking more and more about non-human intelligence created by our military for the next generation of effective fighting force implementation ; I return to these life long questions still unanswered :

How do fish swim independently in extremely close schools but swim without touching one another ? Secondly, how do birds fly in quite close formation : huge flocks darting left or right, up and down, synchronized as if it were a scripted ballet but without touching ?

I guess Man has used birds for man's benefit : homing pigeons carried messages, of course, birds have fed the populous, I imagine, for ever. In the seas dolphins have been trained to retrieve items from
various depths, they carry cameras to survey the depths. Fish have fed much of the World's people with nourishing sustenance forever.

I have wondered all my life how are birds and fish brains wired to perform these phenomenal physical gymnastic maneuvers from birth and seemingly done without any practice ? Will drones and robots be able to program themselves in a way to simulate what the birds and fish do ?

Well, I've given 82 years to this life and I have more unanswered questions than I ever thought I'd have at this age. Rather, my problem seems to be, l'm caught in old life and I can't remember what I can't remember except for short bursts of thought like I've just written about here.

Ronald C. Downie

Monday, August 21, 2017

Watching 60 Minutes

Last evening watching 60 Minutes I saw a piece on military upping their emphasis on computer led intelligence. Ships which eventually will cross the oceans free from human involvement. Also, huge fleets of drones will be able to swarm the air and organize themselves in a force to master a human directive. I'm sure more robots will used in battle situations, as was depicted.

Computers are said to be way ahead of humans in quick problem solving. These drones and robots which are built by man along with the mechanics of robot construction are becoming more and more sophisticated that some concerned citizens worry about artificial intelligence usurping humans by disrupting the grand chain of command. Will they take over the world and run it as they please ?

Ronald C.Downie

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Artful Tweets

Attention : DC's Potomac Tea - consumption could cause a severe case of forgetfulness. Multiple instances cited by administration, be careful.

Possums lay low during the day but become active during the dark hours. Would politicians be possum like characters ? "Of course!"
Why ?

Russians needed at least two translators for Don Junior's meeting but for Donald 's meeting with Putin, none. Donald's learned ; Jr's learning.

Kill me now, or kill the bill !!! Yes, yes, the Senate has given up : the bill is dead. Time for "single payer", " Medicare For All" !!! All Hands !

Congressmen love their second paycheck, money funneled to them by insurance lobbyists, so they vote against " Medicare For All", single payer.

" -, - ; Pants On Fire " starting to awaken D.C. as the oligarch cabinet begins to rethink their appointments. Sinking ships drown all hands.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Tweeting a Dither

Elected, they graze at the public trough ; thru insider knowledge, invest gifted sums ; vote, their wallets ; integrity, wanting ; weak.

While stuffing themselves overfull with dollars, legislators tack to the winds fanned by Lobbyist, men with deep pockets of sinister nature.

"Medicare For All" comes alive for all USA residents as it has made positive life experiences for those over 65 years of my generation.

"Peace be with us." Congress to adopt "Single Payer Health Bill" by finally coming to their senses. Medicare for all sweeps a sane nation.

Ignored intel, fetich with blond hair, arrogant, narcissist, a self serving leader who lead his troops to oblivion. Death his claim to fame, "Custer".

Zombie Apocalypse is aggressively upon us. We, the fatted calf, are ripe for picking, unthinkingly ignorant of the swamping political tide.