Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Dearest

   My Dearest

Immeasurable are those strengths you play
Upon all the people you meet each day.
Your pleasantness brings them joy, they say.
I see you as they, but also, in another way.

You are like :

Sipped fine wine found deeply warm
First cup of hot coffee in the morn

Flow of a swift brook murmuring on
Charge of the Schuylkill after a storm

Energy pent up in high test octane
Soft lilting down of damp lite rain

Rhythm of waves on sand etching foam 
Heat of a shower soothing cold from the bone

Tart citrus juice squeezed fresh from trees
Flower's thick sweet nectar collected by bees

Also :

The relief of spring water's cool refreshing sips
And, especially most of all, my own sweet miss,
The loving caress of your warm kiss
Willingly drawn from those sweet lips.

   Ronald C. Downie

A birthday poem for my wife, Connie, a loving soul mate.

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