Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Down sunup slopes piercing Arctic arrows
Feather King Boreas's annual winter's cough 
As isobar squeezed gradients loosed expectorant 
Piles deep upon cold North's cauldron polar froth .

Formed and carried grains of frozen frost
Covered each known age, just as those long lost 
In snow, whether which way from Mother Nature tossed .

Ensconced in caves man left imprints
Lit warm by strike of sparking flints .
In paint, we see their dream wall prints .

Sun, prone to sleep, night outweighs the day.
Hunter- Gatherer's time is up, gone astray ,
From force of seed kissed alive by solar's ray .

Strong roof on sturdy walls rise up supreme to rule .
Fire is furnaced, summer's heat needs air conditioned cool ,
Switch on, behemoths belch electric to turn their tool .

Cape Canaveral stallions saddled up to fly ,
They hurl Universe Masters , pad fired , up to sky .
" Challenger " ORing , Gods fed while wailing widows cry .

Rocketeers know ellipse and find slant of axis way .
But : seed sprout ,bud set, fertile flower's formed fruit
To please bowed heads around a family table at pray,

No ! No ! Not they ! No , not they !

   Ronald C . Downie  

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