Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not So Funny This Limerick

  Not So Funny This Limerick

"May West" twin towers
Duce my eastern sky
And harangue dawn sun's
Awakening smile.

Concrete slip formed heavenward
Now plume gaseous 
Vapors steamed hot to
Cool the bowels of
Domed chain reaction.

So long familiar
Just formed white -grey clouds
Join with crossing winds
Whose path's direction
Unknown until trailed.

East the other day
I looked in dismay,
No vapors to veil 
The violet sky. Why?

"Three Mile Island" chill 
Raised my neck hairs to stand.
What monsters eons 
Past collage synapse 
To recoil this theme?

Gone is familiar so
Instinct rules the day.

"Shut down" they called it,
"Inadvertent though",
The official line.

  Ronald C. Downie
I just caught the local,PCTV show, The Ace Report, last night about the Limerick Electric Generating Plant. Ace has a way to bury a viewer with statistics which I am sure are valid but maybe over stated to a point more like hysteria. I like Donna and Dr. Colbert a lot and I think they put their hearts and souls into their soundings of alarm. With that understanding, I sent them the above poem that also sounds an alarm, as well as,voices my display of a fear of the unknown which, I bet, many locals have. Somehow the Public must realize the enormity of the potential danger Limerick posses and gather around Ace so important questions they ask are indeed answered. We, the Public, must be more than expendable collateral damage if a horrific accident occurs at Limerick. Stories, letters, poems, songs, plays, are other vehicles needed to be used to sound the alarm that we know a problem exists there so we, The Public, can be assured our government is looking out for our best interests

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