Saturday, October 22, 2016

Election ( by another name )

Coat tails for down ballot candidates become more illusive as the guy at the top of one ticket slips and slides, his opponent smiles with her female eyes on the big prize, while the bulk of each of their constituents dig in their heels as the down balloters begin swinging in the breeze, some calling it, a death spiral.

Once, elections were contests between huge planetary thoughts by each of the two parties : a contest of grand ideas. This year, because of crotch comments, this contest is treated more like an erection than an election. Remember, decades ago, the big boy was thirty years younger and fifty pounds lighter and his present accusers were younger and would have been more attractive to that younger playboy. Thinking back, this younger buck was probably more full of testosterone and was bombarded often by female silicious dialog during Howard Stern's radio show where he was a frequent guest.

Believe me, people change over years of active life. Some re enforce their earlier life styles, while others through life long learning, seem to bloom again and again gaining mastery over new challenges. This World needs more of the latter and less young studs who grow old and fat still thinking they're vital by thinking they are still viral.

Elections are the great arbiters of current life in current time and will remain so if each contestant is an honest broker in the institution as it has evolved. Your ballot is your sword !!!

Ronald C. Downie

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Casey Elaine Downie

When in the wake of morn, night's gone, light's here.
Work looms, bringing regiment to the day.
Thoughts of a granddaughter, her image, dear.
To Nan and me, a sweetheart, work or play :

You wrap yourself in all you do and say,
Your work now takes precedence over play.
Pillars of life thrust up out of cold clay
That takes stamina, which you have, these days :

Grab those reins and bring the team into gate ;
Don't let horses drift off track, rain them in.
Tender are mercies you render this date,
Blessed voice, good always wins over sin.

Doves lite on lines in pairs, mate they for life.
Strength in structures built out of blocks of strife.

A Birthday Poem in sonnet form for Casey Elaine Downie,

Thursday, October 13, 2016

First Night

Not a long time ago in the scale of civilization's calendar, by right of birth, Nobles exercised a demeaning, hurtful exercise upon their charge, those ragged, downtrodden serfs under their master's heal. We have long read about young, newly married couples of this era who were required to allow the Lord of the Estate to spend the first night of their matrimony, if he chose to, with the young bride. Right by might, " First Night ", was a right passed down thru heredity, father to son, old money to young money.

Though medieval systems are few if any in this Century, "right by might", still exists in our modern World. Thru the power of accumulated wealth some people today take money excesses as license to do what they damned well please, to whomever they damned well please. "First night" was a presumed right but "right by might" is a new arrogant demand through the weight of money that the rich thinks wealth allows them any liberty they choose.

In today's election cycle we must all look deeply into each candidates credentials. I have equated my selection thru the lens of what I've laid out in the previous two paragraphs. I abhor the concept of "right of might". I will not vote for anyone who suggests this concept as proper.

Ronald C. Downie

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shackles Off

This self proclaimed "Judge and Jury", Donald Trump, has thrown off the party clothes of Republicanism to go it alone and to show the party it is irrelevant. The Grand Party of Lincoln, once thought of as honorable, in Donald's world as I understand it, is led by Paul Ryan, a "very weak and ineffective leader" according to Trump.

The ring master, Donald, fans the flames of dictatorship when he leads his choir in chanting, "lock her up", in a blatant display of judicial misuse and presidential powers. Trump must continue to fire away demeaning, offensive bombs in order to keep his diehard, zealot supporters well fed. Each feeds on the other's actions : Donald needs crowd's chanting ; crowds need verbal bombs which titillates their excitement, in a southern preacher's way, seeking a shout back.

It's up to you now, you the voter must decide on either being with a "party less" Donald Trump or with the Republican Party, although now leaderless. Going nuclear is Trumps vow. All those down ballot contestants who still support Trump have to declare where they stand and how they react to Donald's actions. Do you trust those who still support him and want him to be their standard bearer ? Which wing of the Republican Party will you follow ?

Ronald C. Downie

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Trump Effect

How does Donald Trump comfortably fit into Evangelical's accepted presidential candidate's roll ?

Where can we find sanctity in Evangelical's basic faith ?

What are the basic tenants behind Evangelical teachings ?
-Trust in Jesus, thus be, "Born Again"
-Bible final authority
-Salvation through faith.
-Share salvation with the World
-Rapture at the end

Somewhere along my eighty-one years of being at ease with biblical interpretation and my understanding of verse, Evangelical's final authority, seems adverse to most actions and talk of Mr. Trump.
I wonder what I'm missing ?

Ronald C. Downie

Saturday, October 8, 2016

What's Donald's Deeds ?

I ask, what are the depths of faith that eludes me when I can't fathom the thinking of people who believe in a misogynist contestant for president of the USA ? Words spoken by Donald Trump define him, also, as do the widening allegations by women who experienced acts he described, while on tape, and that he did to them in real time.

I realize, I'm no saint, and, of course, I'm not asking to be your president. I, also, realize a president has to live and react in a flawed world. I realize, too, that a president must work in the cloaked grey of denial, in the slight angles of deflect, and in outright obfuscation. We're voting for a president not another, "Mother Teresa".

Do you wonder why we call the living quarters of President of the USA, "The White House" ? Inherent in this descriptive name is the idea of purity found in white, like the bridal gown attire.

But, l've known men of Donald's ilk who not only thought his way, but also, treated women as sexual slaves, and, yes, these men thought themselves "stars". Their stories of domination of females paralleled the tapes of Donald in action. It's true "A bird in hand is better then two in the bush", many of us thought this was the true nature of Donald, and now, a tape in hand shows us who he really is.

It is best if you question your member of congress where they stand and vote according to you're conscious.

Ronald C. Downie

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Failed Flawed Duty

Defending the indefensible is an art most people sorely lack. Some, when caught in this position : deny feverishly, at first, then deflect its magnitude before ignoring the charge completely. The art of the dodge was worn thin last evening when Mike Pence had to, him and haw, as Tim Kaine lowered the charge over and over again that he should defend statements both Donald Trump and he himself, Mike Pence, uttered during the campaign. Defending the indefensible is, at best, a zero sum gain.

Ronald C. Downie

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Art of Commercials

Saturating the airways down here in Florida are political commercials not unlike those all over the country except for the difference in the names of local contestants particular to their state. Down here, Marco Polo's still in the swimming pool with the kids while politicians are still cranking out : truths, half truths, and lies ; mostly the latter two.

The commercial that caught my attention enough to make me write about it is the contest for being senator in Florida between Marco Rubio and a fellow named Patrick Murphy. Rubio was in the past a senator then he began his run for president and, I guess, dropped out but, now again, wants the seat. Marco has a federal record of what he did while in office and Murphy is using this record against him.

It seems Rubio had the worst record of attendance when he served in Washington but Murphy includes the notion that Rubio was a lousy legislator considering his stance on Social Security and education. The commercial ends with these lines :
" Bad when he misses work ;
Even worse when he shows up ! "

That's a tough image to overcome for anyone. Since I'm not versed in Florida politics, Florida voters must ferret out their choice to elect on voting day. May they choose properly. May you do the same !

Ronald C. Downie