Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Marching

April Marching

I never heard the command,
Universal it would seem, by

The participants in lock step
Struggling to break cover

Together, not to be left behind,
Peeking out at daylight after

Nine months below ground
Gathering enough strength

To capture the public's eye.
As pigments liberally spread

On accepting stretched canvas
By an aspiring young artist

Wielding extra thick brushes
Wetted, dripping with paint,

Spring bulbs emerge in unison
To play their color rhapsody

In family gardens they inhabit.
Each Spring this army masses.

Ronald C. Downie

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Good Friday

At least half the name is right, yes, it's Friday ; but, no, it's not so good. Accepting, that our weather has been extremely trying and the political scene seems all but completely broken.

For instance, I am represented in Washington by an elected man, Jim Gerlach, who is not in our capital doing legislative business today but home in his district, or, somewhere warm in the World, vacationing. Jim's congress has been on more vacation time than they have been scheduled to do work. They vie with those other "do nothing" congresses that earlier voters voted out of power, something we must do to him and his comrades in 2014.

I wonder, whether or not, I am better served with him away from Washington where he seems to vote "no" on issues most important to me and my age group? The weight of public opinion indicates, with an approval rating of down around 13%, he and his fellow congressmen are doing very lousy work. He is a member of one of the worst congresses ever assembled, the pundits say.

I can only hope that more constituents of this "do nothing congress" evaluate the lousy work they have accomplished and vote them out of office. The job of an elected representative was not to be of a life long occupation but, to serve a few terms, then go back home and work there in some other profession.

When, and if, more of you think you're not being served well by your representative will you vote to replace them ? That's a tough question to be answered by tough voters. That is a question everyone must tussle with in their own heart and mind. It's very important for the health of our nation.

Ronald C. Downie



"Off about mid-calf," the Doctor said,
"That's if the foot won't heal properly".
I said, "Let's give it some more time, Doc".
When reality sets in, it gets one to think.

Who were those boys: shorts, but no shirts,
Barefooted, one deep olive bronze with
Jet black hair, and an ever youthful smile.
The other, thin, blond, fair, somewhat older?

Jack, Bill, and me - A Band Of Brothers -
Later joined by Linwood and Bruce. We
Enjoyed barefoot summers climbing trees
And rocks in East Park, wetting in the dam.

A half mile down we caught the school bus
For Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School.
Swings, merry go round, base ball fields,
There education began it's life long roll.

Walked everywhere, caddied, played every
Game known, flopped badly at baseball,
Captained football, put the shot, threw the discus,
Was Penn State's freshman starting right guard.

Now I have a wheelchair, walker, a cane,
A hospital bed and bedside commode.
"Non-weight bearing," the Doctor warned.
Once so strong, what for? It's all gone.

Swamp Hogs, then basketball champs, Tony Z's,
Two games a night, I jumped and I ran,
I worked all day, played all night. I walked,
Knew no pain, an obstacle never stopped me.

Business and work - work and business - no end,
No doctor, no diet, no checks, no balances.
My life style embraced no moderation.
It is today, stupid ! Just plod on and let

Tomorrow care for it's own damed self.
Wrong ! I was wrong ! Independence
May be wonderful, but may not be wise.
Walk? Well, life has finally caught up with me.

Ronald C . Downie

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Look At Music - Listen To Art

Look At Music - Listen To Art

Spring mother, Dear, conduct your annual symphony,
Lead us to heights in primal song . Memory plays
Our pensive harp awake with color cords ablaze :
Golden daffodil yellow - crocus choir harmony .

Notes of sweet tulip red and smooth hyacinth blue
Await drum beats deep in the gold of forsythia .
Wake up world ! Your colorful cosmic orchestra
Readies again to play life's spring concert for you .

Look at the music of flowers swaying the breeze :
Like a string section in unison its visual sound
Silent, so brain supplies the score to music round
The mood we feel. One's self, only you to please.

Listen to the native art of unfolding leaves :
Slow but steady in a stretch enlarging their span
Reaching heavenly in canopy over common man,
Who, at song, sings of Gods in self image, not trees.

Concert master, tune the instruments true
To the pitch of the seasons : winter, spring,
Summer, fall . Movements composed are to bring
Life full circle as all living are compelled to do.

Ronald C. Downie

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Follow The Thread

Follow The Thread

From the stock, of the stock, from so far back ;
Hunter Gatherers, they all were, back then.
Before husbandry, before dirt farmers,
Before herders, before creative freemen,

Titanic their struggle compared to ours.
Blood and death, survival, so commonplace
Was their theme, reaching long from then to now,
Discounting gender, color, any which race.

You, me, your friends their long threads are in place
Knotted, over and over, linking each
Back, unbroken, but stretched, so stretched
Through millenniums: forests, fields, and beach.

Today, you are the keeper of the thread
That links family to eternity.
It is safe in your trust, integrity must
Carry the day, life's grand fraternity.

Proud but humbly, in you, we have faith
No matter what road signs impede and block.
Safely entrusted, banners bright, wind torn,
Unfurled, marks your journey, voicing the talk.

You are not alone, but of a special
Generation, one poised to move the Earth
Away from crippling decay. We honor
Your understanding for reason of birth.

Ronald C. Downie

To Ian Jacob Kurtz upon his 17th Birthday. He is poised to make his mark upon the World.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Graph this trend :
Now, one of every 50,
Was, one of 88,
Before that, one of 110.
Predominately boys.
Autism aggressively on the move.
We ask why, but need to know, how to cope ?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mosaic Community Land Trust

Mosaic Community Land Trust

This is a plea for the outreach of your organization to explore a new concept of business creation and placement throughout the USA. This concept is being rolled out all over the country, mainly on television, by a former MSNBC commentator, Dylan Ratigan .

Your members, sooner or later, will view information about this exciting new concept which, I believe, has a resonance to sweep it throughout the World. My interest in urging your organization to embrace this new concept is anchored in my unswerving love for Pottstown.

Pottstown has vacant land (at least an acre needed).
Pottstown needs jobs.
Pottstown has veterans.
Pottstown is progressive.
Pottstown is a college town
Pottstown has a large contingent of poor inhabitants.
Pottstown has an organizational structure, MCLT, able
to organize and oversee such an endeavor.

This concept has it's genesis in growing food, growing food hydroponically, growing food with labor from veterans, growing food through a business plan which is always evolving by creating additional businesses along a successfully tested plan. It will develop as rapidly as entrepreneurs crop up to embrace the concept.

If Pottstown lingers to ponder to death something new and exciting like this, she will remain just another down in the heals, old river town unable to get beyond her past. The large cities throughout the nation will be used for demonstration sites as the concept takes hold and filters down to wherever and whoever adopts the concept. We have the physical assets and the need. All we require is the inclination along with the drive to better ourselves. Thanks for listening.

Ronald C. Downie

Friday, March 22, 2013

Congress Work

Congress work

Bullets maim and kill,
Guns shoot bullets,
Humans wield guns,
NRA lusts their use,
Killing fields develop
Spattering blood.

Spring Sparks

Spring energy is waiting ignition:
Emerging, elongating,
Unfolding, budding,
Coloring, flowering,
Wilting, dropping.
Life's process sparks!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blood Bullets

Beyond the speed of human sight
Is carnage, a blood bullet's delight,
From guns not under lock and key
Aimed at children innocent and free.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thoughts From Then To Now

Thoughts From Then To Now

Our arteries are to us as rain is to the Earth;
Rain brings the fluid of water for Earth's use,

Our veins are to us as rivers are to this Earth.
Through them extra water veins out to the sea.

Born of the union of egg with sperm, we humans
Were cast over millions of years of trial and error.

We learned to stand upright sighting over savanna
Grasses, our "one ups man" over the prey at bay.

From tree, to cave, to waddle mud hut Man sought
A place to lay his head, build a fire for his family.

Is life a slow plodding advance, two steps forward -
One back ? Or, of giant steps, grand leaps ahead.

Thinking back, we live now in the very present time.
History records, prose depicts, graphs detail, poems ?

Do we drum as ancients did ? Can you hear them
Beating stout sticks against each other in rhythm ?

They beat to drive the herd in a desired direction,
Not unlike the drummers in a parade, setting pace.

A drummer in a band plays each of his instruments
Always keeping up the rhythm the others follow.

Remember "Drums Along The Mohawk" or "Tarzan",
Where the sounds of repetitive beats resounds.

The Great Apes pound their barrel chests drumming
Out a message to all who hear - beware of me !

Listen to a woodpecker rap out his beat in rhythm
On an insect laden limb, to them, the beat goes on.

If you get a chance to attend a high school musical
Which has a percussion segment, best you go to it.

Ronald C. Downie

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah

When crippling becomes the coin of the realm,
When cane and walker ease some wiggly wobbles,
When a chair only substitutes for comfort in a bed,
When death creeps beyond all horizons of hope,
I challenge myself to keep writing, by plugging away;
Writing is cathartic, essentially cleansing, healthful.

I write for myself, as my number of followers, shows.

We organize our mind's eye, to envision, to synthesize
A subject so it unfolds for our own inward emotions :
As sure as waves embrace all shore lines, ebbing and
Flowing, with moon inspired tides, crashing or baying,
Oblivious to only, but Nature's Law. Our wants are left
On paper for all others to per rouse at their pleasure.

I write for more than myself. Readers are my targets.

Does an artist wish only his art to replicate his vision ?
Does a potter wish only his vessel carry cool water ?
Does a dancer wish only her movements to spin ?
Does a writer wish only his words to tell of the past ?
The human instinct is toward expansion, fulfillment of
The unique essence of continuous folds in the brain.

Why do I write ? Why do you read ? Who are we ?

I am compelled by an internal clock to record myself.
You are drawn to see my written thoughts exposed.
Mine is a must, yours is by chance, our's different.

Ronald C. Downie

Friday, March 15, 2013

Return Its Reasons

Return Its Reasons

When Spring newly arrives this week,
It'll come spirited on wings of equal hours,
Spring Equinox, time ancients' wisdom seek.
They knew of energy pent up in flowers.

Days stretch out as dark of night retreats,
The energy of Sun rays work their wonder :
Bud swell, leafing, unfolding, fruiting sweets.
Worlds over husband : clouds, rain, thunder.

Summer gives way to Autumn's harvest time :
Garden edibles, root crops, nuts, fruits, grain.
Setting earlier, rising later, Sun's lower climb
Ushers in the Autumnal Equinox, Fall's claim.

Orbits are on circular paths, as are our seasons,
Everything in motion, circling, return its reasons.

Ronald C. Downie
A Sonnet

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Point Eight - (1.8)

One Point Eight - (1.8)

Two factors which may save the Earth for future inhabitants were reveled by their author on Charlie Ross's interview show this week. The author, name overlooked, is a nattily dressed 70 some year old man, who runs a financial firm and by Ross's demeanor, he is of real importance in the financial health of the Planet.

Mr. Pinstripe, I'll call him, since he wore quite well a fine pinstriped suit, bemoaned for most of the interview the dire straights of the Planet being able to sustain itself beyond the next fifty to one hundred years. Mr. Pinstripe points to the ever increasing rate of depletion in natural resources throughout the World. A depletion rate brought on more quickly because of the continuous rise in World population, now nearing 7.5 billion and headed toward 10 billion. Unsustainable he claims at any number over 4 / 5,000,000,000 people.

Toward the end of the interview, Mr. Pinstripe revealed the two saving graces which have good chances to save the Planet from the excesses of mankind. First is switching from carbon based energy to renewables; such as, wind, solar, geothermal, and yet to be discovered new non carbon energy sources. Mr. Pinstripe acknowledges, even with the obstructionists in our Congress, the United States will wake up and take its rightful place in the World leading the way in total renewable energy sources.

His second point is Planet over population. Remember the number 1.8 . Mr. Pinstripe analyzed the population history of the Earth and came to some conclusions. He asserts, opposite of ordinary sense, when populations become more educated and more affluent, they reduce their number of offspring. This phenomenon is showing itself in country after country around the World. Most apparent is the heaviest populated country on the Planet, China. China's population is in decline and after a few generations it too will manifest itself in gross numbers that are sustainable.

Mr. Pinstripe claims we are headed toward 1.8 children on average born to each child bearing couple on the Earth. Over time this would reduce gross population on the Planet to a sustainable number of around 4 to 5 billion inhabitants. If this happens, a birth rate below two children per couple, the decline not easily quantified in the short run but meaningful, never the less, in the Planet's health and that will allow civilization to exist into a brighter future.

Ronald C. Downie

Wednesday, March 13, 2013



I'm disappointed at being a sad sack, at being a nay sayer, at not jumping with joy after reading Evan Brandt's five part series; therefore, not getting on his band wagon over his suggested remedies. Sorry, Evan, but as I've said before, I've heard this song far too many times.

My problem is : I've been part of the problem and never did enough to forge a remedy while I was in the seat of power, while on Borough Council, where I didn't use the bully pulpit enough to speak up more, to pin point a corrective action that should be taken.

What problem? What needed action? Like a large ship, a municipally turns quite slowly in a long arc hardly able to understand the swing of time, that slow moving pendulum swinging at the whims of people. Time and people march on, people move in and out of influential positions, while the the governmental body remains in place, testing inertia : that a body in motion tends to remain in motion, but a body at rest tends to remain at rest. Municipalities are fixated on the latter, at being at rest.

It takes an especially aggressive Borough Manager to reeve up the engines of a lethargic municipality and turn it into an attack mode, as a cruiser or a destroyer. Good managers are short lived, their life span on the job is rarely over seven years, they are upwardly mobile animals. But, we hire them not to hold on to the status quo, rather we ask them, to inspire a borough to exceed the sum total of its parts. To drive property valuations up and crime rates down is their duty.

Looking at my shortcomings, I reflect on times I've missed an opportunity to make a big difference.
- When we left Assistant Borough Manager, David Forrest, leave employment of the Borough
- When we played "Duck, Duck, Goose" with appointments of succeeding managers
- When we didn't muster enough muscle to build the grade school cluster in the Washington St. corridor
- When we encouraged more and more social service agencies headquarter in our borough
- When we "hoe hummed" the placement of MCCC in the borough
- When we are unable or unwilling to bring more quality stores to downtown Pottstown
- When we are unwilling to take preemptive corrective action for flooding of the Schuylkill and Manatawny
- When we do not support a true Farmer's Market within our borough

What should I have done ? To have brought ultimate attention to any of these problems was, in all reality, beyond my desires. Well, I could have doused myself in gasoline and set myself on fire; voila, attention would have been overwhelming. Rather, I should have enrolled in a Dale Carnegie course and I would have become a dynamic debater who could have brought the public along on these important issues.

I didn't do either. Some day we'll get a super manager or a dynamic individual who will make this borough a truly important entity. I suggest, the ultimate arbitrator of man is time and, through the passage of time, Pottstown is bound to make a resurgence of vitality with us or without. Her day will return.

Ronald C. Downie

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Whistle While You Work

Whistle While You Work

Such sweetness came from small reddish berries,
By today's standards, they'd be left behinds.
When not whistling, a sneak pop in the mouth
Gave this six year old boy, satisfaction.

Earnestly, the old couple told us to
Whistle while we picked so we wouldn't
Eat too many - "For Public Sale" - berries.
It wasn't a joke to them, but for real.

Seventy some years ago in northern
Chester County at a farm on Jones Road
My older brother and I joined other
Local kids hired to pick strawberries.

Very young, my wages went to brother
Andy, four and a half years my elder.
Daiquiris were unheard of way back then,
But I fell in love early with shortcake.

Berry patches at harvest time, fragrant
To bees also youngsters, both salivate.
Honey bees tend to back off if brushed
Away, but, don't underestimate them.

Unlike strawberries of today, which are
Pithy and plump with little sweet fragrance,
Berries of my youth were not thumb like, but,
Pinkie size, blood red, succulent, tasty.

Every kid knew strawberries, they grew wild.
All home gardens seemed to have a small patch.
At ripening time, it was their sweet juice
Most wanted by my mom for our deserts.

In those prewar days, fruit out of season,
Strawberry jam was our Sunday toast treat.
Years later, frozen food time, mashed berries
On cake cupped sought dab whipped sweet cream.

The vivid memory of succulent
Strawberries lasted these past seventy
Years, maybe more so, than most other things.
Their imprint is probably on my DNA.

Ronald C. Downie

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sheer Church Steeples

Sheer Church Steeples

Sheer church steeples spire to prick the sky,
Breach through which archangels can fly
Down, gathering in souls, their earthly try
To populate Heaven for their Lord on high.

Celestial maypoles heaved up by man
Anchored earth mud mired to the land.
Escaped the cave, down from the tree,
This two legged being in want of just be.

Just be, quite difficult alone by the sea,
Span of the Universe,"Immortality" asks he.
By chance or was Homo-Sapiens planned?
Heinous horrors logged under his command.

Pinioned in amber, preserved through time,
Cenozoic bee found perfect pre-pre-mankind.
Pollen's magi while lowly sperm still slime
Never dreamt God imaged in man's own kind.

Eternally fanning frenzied swift on wings
Pungent waif of sweet bloom nectar brings
Worker collectors with their death they atone
Their universe, Queen Bee, almighty on throne.

From your garden gently lift an open rose
Bring it within the scent stream of your nose,
Petal vapor ? Bee scripture ? Could be, I suppose.
Neither crucifixion nor armageddon myths they chose.

Ronald C. Downie.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Circle Of Life

Circle Of Life

Joined hand and hip, an unbroken circle of life
Dances around the fire pit, in an endless chain

Pressing forever forward seeking the unknown,
Accepting bits and pieces, building knowledge.

The human race is caught up in fervent prayer
To myriads of deities seeking : grander cathedrals,

Higher mountain top monasteries, ornate robes,
Gold leafed hymnals, silver chalices, sweeter wine.

Forests and savannas, seek not, accepts life's terms :
Birth, struggle, growth, unfolding, reaching life's end.

The Circle realizes all life prospers to its potential
Half Life, then degrading becomes the spiraling down.

Even icons of faith's founding pillars never reached
Their nirvana of Half Life. Grossly cut down while

Still in unfolding periods, their rabid faithful anoint
Their lost presence through images ever expanding.

Images were designed to press an emotional response
Bypassing Man's innate desire to think. Thinking, he

Gains wisdom drawing him away from a blind faith.
Reading from The Book Of Life he found necessity.

For millions of years upright Man processed through
The cycle of life creating The Circle surrounding us.

Those who sought power needed shackles to control
Ignorant masses. Image based faith their answer.

Though still popular today, faith, continues to lose
Its underpinning as more people gain fruitful wisdom,

Which draws them into reading The Book Of Life,
While they join hand and hip expanding the Circle.

Ronald C. Downie

Thursday, March 7, 2013

It All Depends

It All Depends

It all depends upon, Henny Penny's sky falling,
And Jacques Cousteau's blue oceans swelling ;

Depends upon, The Rolling Stones' songs playing,
Guardian Angles' protection finds safety amazing ;

Upon, John Updike past his Endpoint, again rising,
Evan Brandt penning each story his Dad's not writing;

The Mercury attending to the poor's needs unending,
And leaders in Washington their ignorance extending;

It all depends upon, the morning sun clearly rising
In a dedicated arc across our sky its energy giving;

Depends upon, grandsons picking up batons dropping,
Left over from attempts to keep live music rocking;

Upon, the fingers at their instruments still plucking,
Viewing the World from a lens in need of adjusting;

Within you, trees feel at ease, grasslands swaying,
Gardens seek your pleasure, soil rich for playing.

Ronald C. Downie

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Samuel 1-17, David and Goliath

Samuel 1-17, David and Goliath

The biblical David was considered a normal young teenager of average build about 120 pounds between 4 and 5 feet tall. Picture him opposite Goliath, the huge giant reported at 9 foot 6 inches tall, though some place him more closely to just below 7 feet. Their battle was to be short and sweet, one quick thrust of Goliath's sword was to be the fight over. But David was proficient with a slingshot and before a real fight began, whop, a stone between Goliath's eyes put him down and he was finished off with his own sword. His severed head was David's trophy.

Even with my taking liberties, it's a good story, as many from The Bible are. Too big to fail is not an absolute.

Take today, the super rich along with their forever powerful corporations seem invincible to the mass of common folk. Every want imaginable is realized by the rich to be just a call away, though their trophy wouldn't be of biblical nature. More and more they become cloistered, hidden behind walls of gated communities, on their yachts, or in the pleasure spaces created on their behalf at our planet's most unique geographic crossroads. The haves, like Goliath thought he was entitled to, feel secure in their excesses. They have bought and paid for a political party to do their bidding and, even with that muscle, most observers hear a creaking, like thick spring ice beginning to break up.
Too big or too powerful to fail is only a perception in the mind's of these old and new moneyed families.

When the mass of the undervalued awaken and start to realize the swing of humanity toward equality of opportunity for each and every living person, they will tilt the scale of reason in all communities throughout our nation and the World. Their sound, when finally unleashed, will deafen the World with a sound of boots on the ground marching in unison toward elimination of poverty, wiping out hunger, putting education on a pedestal, and creating an atmosphere of meaningful work for everyone.

This 21st Century is on the verge of evolving a new economic paradigm to combat the hiccups we are seeing now at the sunset of Capitalism. In its infancy, not yet ready to crawl before it walks, the equity of capital formation from work has to be reconstituted in relation to the new Century. Just as capital and its workings were retooled after the Great Depression of the 30s; so to, the 21st Century downturn of 2007/08 has shown new policies must be organized for the World to survive economically. Reorganization is far more palatable than insurrection. The first is positive, controllable ; the second is unknown, maybe the death knell of the human race, something similar to a "War Of The Worlds" of fiction's lure.

Goliath was a very formidable figure free of fears and treated as Godlike; the rich have taken a similar stance about themselves, fearless and hoped to be worshiped. The era of false Gods has reached the end of the line either with your help or without.

Ronald C. Downie

Monday, March 4, 2013

Do Nothing Legislators

Do Nothing Legislators

If your work approval rating stood at 13% would you also seek to flee your work environment and try to leave this image behind you ? What you can't leave behind is their back home constituents who'll need the wool pulled over their eyes again and over again.

Not being good at legislating does not mean they are not good at vacationing from their elected duties. Only a week after coming off a five week vacation our congressmen voted after a week in session to vacation for another five weeks. Tough duty, but if you do your work poorly, it may be best not to be on duty.

You and me and Willie behind the tree are all poorly served by do nothing legislators who vacation excessively because they can't come together to make laws which benefit all of us. Even if our elected legislators can not work for us, we must all work together to replace them with others who may be able to work with each other.

You have to bite the bullet and vote out all inept incumbents, especially, your own congressman. Yes, I believe, sometimes you have to throw out the baby with the bathwater. The locals are the problem since they have honed well their art of honey tongued language which comfortably pulls the wool over our eyes. We do love warm fuzzy blankets but when used, rather than good legislative initiatives, we are being bamboozled. It's hard for congress or any other organization to get a rating much lower than 13%.

Why not join those who believe in "Vote The Bums Out" and pledge to vote out your own incumbent !

Ronald C Downie

Sunday, March 3, 2013



Cumulus clouds float the blueish high skies,
Drifting on prevailing winds, measureless

In their sweep of the arc of gentle days :
Clouds, birds, flowers, and sunshine's warming ways.

Never still, though silent, wakes to morning's light
Seeking balancing hours of dark to light,

Which comes twice every year in spring then fall,
Days we call - Equinox - twelve hours of each.

Unheard prayer in modern day homage
Sanctifies ancient's worship of equal.

Not, why equal happens, nor how it does;
Our forbears accepted the fact as change.

They learned feeling, feelings unlike cloud's sweep,
The length of days could be felt, then measured.

Rotating while at an angle to the
Sun, the Earth's axis tilts birthing seasons.

After (Ides Of March / Equinox) then Spring,
Summer, Autumn, finally comes Winter.

Their trip impressive, a continuous
Tramp, tramp, tramp across a long twelve month year.

Appreciating beliefs, ancients thought
Gods inspired the passage of seasons.

Planting, growing, harvesting, then resting-
The Cycle Of Life pulsating, alive.

Whether it's inspired by human Gods,
The Cycle is forever in action.

Life accepts pecking orders that exist,
Food chains established in all habitats;

Active or inactive life adjusts needs,
Caloric, plant or animal, forms food.

Pilling up west, fluff on the horizon
Forms a storm front of dark rain laden clouds.

The key of living's the wet in water,
Unlocking cells that will ignite life's spark.

Cumulus clouds transmute their deep spirit,
Vapor ballooning visual shape, God ?

Ronald C. Downie