Saturday, December 11, 2010

Grandson Evan Upon Attaining Seventeen Years

    Evan At Seventeen

Ever since the beginning of time:
When we humans raised upright,
Fought off hungry beasts of prey,
Trudged across the vast savannas,
Met wide rivers, circled huge lakes,
Scaled the steepest, bridged the deepest,
Joined the tribe, fought to stay alive,
Read cover to cover the Book Of Nature,
Sang life songs, drew life art on cave walls,
Man socialized, then bastardized our Planet.

Within each young boy struggling to emerge
Is an adult's body formed of harsh ancestry 
Tempered by eons just learning to survive.

Survival was the unlocking key for your arrival
At the broad, long desired doorstep of Manhood.

Congratulations, Evan, Wear It Well !

With all our love, Nanny and Pop Pop.

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