Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beneath Sky Delft

     Beneath Sky Delft

Beneath sky delft a soft dapple cloud
Pillows early autumn's nodding slumber,
As cold winter stirs north slope proud,
By the seasons, four's the total number,
    A cycle repeated on Earth then etched into Eternity.

Naked trees openly pray heavenward 
Braced against a harsh winter's wroth,
Pregnant buds swell forever forward
To spring, a yearly primal lesson taught
    Of evolution, that universal biological fraternity.

A discordant man slumbers all seasons
In a blatant affront to Natural Law,
While playing God, Moonwalker reasons
Sovereignty implicit, looking up, man saw
     Vast Heavenly bodies, but completely forgot, maternity.

    Ronald C. Downie

For Daughter, Sherri, upon her birthday 

My daughter,Sherri,is an accomplished poet who,I hope,will expose more people to her creations.I think more people should allow themselves to write in whatever style pleases them. In my mind there is neither a wrong way nor a right way of writing,though,by the tests of time there are some norms most people observe and honor.

In today's world I remain baffled by contemporary poetry which seems to pride itself in being so oblique which to these writers must be thought of as being on the cutting edge.

Do you find yourself at a store looking over a rack of cards, reading one after the other, finding it difficult to choose the "just right one"? Don't sweat it, we've all done it. It was
Because of this that I began writing my poems when I asked myself, " Ron, could you write something any better?",so I tried and I've kept writing ever since.

Now if an old farmer like me,unable to spell properly,poorly adapted to grammar,equally deficient in punctuation,and grounded in the earth writes so can you. " A body at rest seeks to remain at rest,when in motion seeks to continue in motion." as I remember "The Law Of Inertia". Get moving, get writing by writing a letter to a family member, get moving.

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