Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rebirth Of Pottstown

   Rebirth Of Pottstown

John, John Potts, what was it like,
When first to this place you came?
You conceived a form, a town was born,
That forevermore carries your name .

You pledged your trust to a westward bluff,
Meandering east a lovely creek ran clean   
To a river pure that had in store
The demand for the black rock glean .

The Schuylkill tamed from Holland named
She's a marriage of creeks and many streams .
But the scourge of time, discharge of slime
Was in ignorance of man's best dreams .

So, John, again we'll look to her use,
To draw life for your town worn down .
Will the river forgive past utter abuse
And revive the rebirth of Pottstown ?

   Ronald C . Downie   

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