Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Art of Commercials

Saturating the airways down here in Florida are political commercials not unlike those all over the country except for the difference in the names of local contestants particular to their state. Down here, Marco Polo's still in the swimming pool with the kids while politicians are still cranking out : truths, half truths, and lies ; mostly the latter two.

The commercial that caught my attention enough to make me write about it is the contest for being senator in Florida between Marco Rubio and a fellow named Patrick Murphy. Rubio was in the past a senator then he began his run for president and, I guess, dropped out but, now again, wants the seat. Marco has a federal record of what he did while in office and Murphy is using this record against him.

It seems Rubio had the worst record of attendance when he served in Washington but Murphy includes the notion that Rubio was a lousy legislator considering his stance on Social Security and education. The commercial ends with these lines :
" Bad when he misses work ;
Even worse when he shows up ! "

That's a tough image to overcome for anyone. Since I'm not versed in Florida politics, Florida voters must ferret out their choice to elect on voting day. May they choose properly. May you do the same !

Ronald C. Downie

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