Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Casey Elaine Downie

When in the wake of morn, night's gone, light's here.
Work looms, bringing regiment to the day.
Thoughts of a granddaughter, her image, dear.
To Nan and me, a sweetheart, work or play :

You wrap yourself in all you do and say,
Your work now takes precedence over play.
Pillars of life thrust up out of cold clay
That takes stamina, which you have, these days :

Grab those reins and bring the team into gate ;
Don't let horses drift off track, rain them in.
Tender are mercies you render this date,
Blessed voice, good always wins over sin.

Doves lite on lines in pairs, mate they for life.
Strength in structures built out of blocks of strife.

A Birthday Poem in sonnet form for Casey Elaine Downie,

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