Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Verbal Bull Fight

Glued to the screen last evening for the first Presidential debate of 2016, the following image appeared in my mind : a Mexican stadium, a bull ( Donald ), a gladiator ( Hillary ), and a stadium filled to the rafters with rabid fans.

The bull, rushing into the center of the jousting circle, his reddish orange mane wildly cascading more lion like than bullish, his head bouncing to the trumpeter's trill, finally eyed his opponent dressed all in red. This female gladiator needed no red muleta to incite this bull In question. May the contest begin !

Rather composed and placid the smallish lady in red did little to agitate the huge bull who seemed to be building up a head of steam. Poor Lester Holt could neither keep the bull on a time schedule nor on  topic since, time and time again, the bull interrupted the answer the lady in red was giving. The hour and a half match was but a third over when the big bull hit the wall, he showed signs of fatigue, began incessantly stammering. - "Game Over" -.

Verbal stilettos did a good job on this bull that needed no ordinary ones to get the big bull to lung at the gladiator. All the ranting and raving from under the reddish orange mane was superfluous to the final outcome. Crowds cheered and dispersed as I turned off the television and then settled myself down to find sleep.

Ronald C. Downie

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