Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shackles Off

This self proclaimed "Judge and Jury", Donald Trump, has thrown off the party clothes of Republicanism to go it alone and to show the party it is irrelevant. The Grand Party of Lincoln, once thought of as honorable, in Donald's world as I understand it, is led by Paul Ryan, a "very weak and ineffective leader" according to Trump.

The ring master, Donald, fans the flames of dictatorship when he leads his choir in chanting, "lock her up", in a blatant display of judicial misuse and presidential powers. Trump must continue to fire away demeaning, offensive bombs in order to keep his diehard, zealot supporters well fed. Each feeds on the other's actions : Donald needs crowd's chanting ; crowds need verbal bombs which titillates their excitement, in a southern preacher's way, seeking a shout back.

It's up to you now, you the voter must decide on either being with a "party less" Donald Trump or with the Republican Party, although now leaderless. Going nuclear is Trumps vow. All those down ballot contestants who still support Trump have to declare where they stand and how they react to Donald's actions. Do you trust those who still support him and want him to be their standard bearer ? Which wing of the Republican Party will you follow ?

Ronald C. Downie

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