Saturday, October 8, 2016

What's Donald's Deeds ?

I ask, what are the depths of faith that eludes me when I can't fathom the thinking of people who believe in a misogynist contestant for president of the USA ? Words spoken by Donald Trump define him, also, as do the widening allegations by women who experienced acts he described, while on tape, and that he did to them in real time.

I realize, I'm no saint, and, of course, I'm not asking to be your president. I, also, realize a president has to live and react in a flawed world. I realize, too, that a president must work in the cloaked grey of denial, in the slight angles of deflect, and in outright obfuscation. We're voting for a president not another, "Mother Teresa".

Do you wonder why we call the living quarters of President of the USA, "The White House" ? Inherent in this descriptive name is the idea of purity found in white, like the bridal gown attire.

But, l've known men of Donald's ilk who not only thought his way, but also, treated women as sexual slaves, and, yes, these men thought themselves "stars". Their stories of domination of females paralleled the tapes of Donald in action. It's true "A bird in hand is better then two in the bush", many of us thought this was the true nature of Donald, and now, a tape in hand shows us who he really is.

It is best if you question your member of congress where they stand and vote according to you're conscious.

Ronald C. Downie

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