Thursday, October 13, 2016

First Night

Not a long time ago in the scale of civilization's calendar, by right of birth, Nobles exercised a demeaning, hurtful exercise upon their charge, those ragged, downtrodden serfs under their master's heal. We have long read about young, newly married couples of this era who were required to allow the Lord of the Estate to spend the first night of their matrimony, if he chose to, with the young bride. Right by might, " First Night ", was a right passed down thru heredity, father to son, old money to young money.

Though medieval systems are few if any in this Century, "right by might", still exists in our modern World. Thru the power of accumulated wealth some people today take money excesses as license to do what they damned well please, to whomever they damned well please. "First night" was a presumed right but "right by might" is a new arrogant demand through the weight of money that the rich thinks wealth allows them any liberty they choose.

In today's election cycle we must all look deeply into each candidates credentials. I have equated my selection thru the lens of what I've laid out in the previous two paragraphs. I abhor the concept of "right of might". I will not vote for anyone who suggests this concept as proper.

Ronald C. Downie

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