Saturday, October 22, 2016

Election ( by another name )

Coat tails for down ballot candidates become more illusive as the guy at the top of one ticket slips and slides, his opponent smiles with her female eyes on the big prize, while the bulk of each of their constituents dig in their heels as the down balloters begin swinging in the breeze, some calling it, a death spiral.

Once, elections were contests between huge planetary thoughts by each of the two parties : a contest of grand ideas. This year, because of crotch comments, this contest is treated more like an erection than an election. Remember, decades ago, the big boy was thirty years younger and fifty pounds lighter and his present accusers were younger and would have been more attractive to that younger playboy. Thinking back, this younger buck was probably more full of testosterone and was bombarded often by female silicious dialog during Howard Stern's radio show where he was a frequent guest.

Believe me, people change over years of active life. Some re enforce their earlier life styles, while others through life long learning, seem to bloom again and again gaining mastery over new challenges. This World needs more of the latter and less young studs who grow old and fat still thinking they're vital by thinking they are still viral.

Elections are the great arbiters of current life in current time and will remain so if each contestant is an honest broker in the institution as it has evolved. Your ballot is your sword !!!

Ronald C. Downie

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