Sunday, August 24, 2014

Of This World

The World busses - Is Pottstown not of this World ? Seemingly not, for ages I've heard "Walkable Schools" touted by a recognizable named school board member. How much more damage to our district; therefore, to our town, will his influence be continued tolerated ? 

Ladies and gentlemen : winning a Pulitzer Prize Award is not the granting of almighty superiority, it does not elevate the recipient to Pope, nor does it bestow on the winner genius status. Why then, does everything he has to say, not questioned ?

Don't misconstrue what I'm saying ; winning a Pulitzer Prize is no small achievement. It requires a journalist to have the ability to write expressively while being doggedly persistent in collecting the facts. Further, he needed a cooperative vehicle to print the series which The Mercury provided. I question that the public sees in a Pulitzer more than it actually is.

Are you like me who sees a dysfunctional school system monitored by elected school directors who seem unresponsive to their electorates' needs and wants ? I do understand the dynamics of a democratic society that uses the ballot box to express concerns of the whole. Too often this system allows a vocal few, although a quorum of five in this case, to set agendas and direct the way the school district operates. 

An affected public must be an informed public if any change is to be realized. The ballot box is where the battle must be waged and, if my thoughts resonate with you, please marshall forces to change the direction that our school district is headed. Remember, it still comes down to a simple vote to rout out a problem.

Ronald C. Downie 

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