Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fox and the Hen House

Who the hell is watching the hen house ? I read about delays after reading about overruns in construction costs and wonder. Are our leaders also Foxes, who will gain something personal by not finishing elementary school overhauls on time ? Someone is not watching out for my tax monies nor for yours. The fox is watching the hen house !

The tragedy is now more than ever obvious; that is, a Washington Street Elementary Campus should have been built and occupied these many years. The opponents should have been vilified by denouncing their antiquated reasons for retaining scattered school sites. Sure, it is easy for me to say, "I told you so". But I did !

The ability to tax is the freedom to impoverish. Again, the ability to tax is the freedom to impoverish. 

Pottstown is but a shell of its old self. Once it was an engine of industry spitting out tax dollars for whatever the need, then industry left and tax dollars dried up. Along with it, a once robust school system prevailed which has slowly deteriorated into a questionable system that seems unable to govern itself. A school district's ability to shine in the eyes of potential young upwardly mobile families looking to settle by purchasing a home there is the catalyst for regenerative town. Does our district shine ? Less so now than ever, is my answer. Why not ?

Ronald C. Downie, 
Alumni Honor Roll Recipient

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