Thursday, August 28, 2014

Neither Do I Like Questions Nor The Answers

I wonder, why in a World of unimaginable inventions do local civil defense units need war armament to protect their residents ? Does a desire to kill supersede the need to control public uprisings ? Isn't there more futuristic means for police to use, similar to stun guns and rubber bullets, that can overcome crowd predators, especially, in volatile situations ?

Are we as a society always going to extend the image of the Wild West far into the 21st Century before we understand bullets maim and kill ? There must be a less lethal way to respond to a crazed gunman, especially, in our futuristic society of invention. Would a better response help in the aftermath of a young man being shoot to death in Ferguson ? 

We got to be kidding, oops, another person killed or maimed teaching, as young as 8 year olds, to fire high powered armaments. Has our society gone over the abyss ? Does the NRA have that much of a strangle hold on our legislators ? Will there be a time when the young will be escorted down into our missile silos to feel the ultimate button, when if pushed, the end of civilization occurs in a nuclear Armageddon ? Craziness is among us ! Please wake up !

Ronald C. Downie

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