Thursday, August 21, 2014

America's Own "Ebola" Like Plague 

You are right ! A plague of our own, not as incendiary as Ebola is, in the world's view, ours is stealth like ; but Ebola is open, blatant, quick, and awfully deadly.

Ours is also deadly, in its own way, taking much of a  lifetime to achieve a person's death after depleting the person's livability for a carefree life. Many times it develops early in childhood lasting a shortened life span and for many of those years life is in some degree of discomfort. 

Yes, you are right; I'm talking about "Diabetes" as America's plague. I just came home from five days in the hospital where I saw the fallout of America's plague first hand. During my stay, I had two different roommates who both were hospitalized due to some complications attributed to diabetes, as was mine. 

I know little of Ebola except it is spread by cross contact with bodily fluids. It is deadly and quick. Diabetes, though, seems to be a disease brought on by excesses with contact not being one of them. Unless you count contact with poor food choices. Sugars of all types seem highly suspect and fats and carbohydrates. Couple a poor diet with lack of exercise and diabetes has a firm foothold on a person's health. Age reduces activity and often an increase in food intake, and you know, often an increase in alcohol consumption. 

Gran'Pa Downie always preached moderation even as he struggled during his waining years, then he died. I have now assumed his roll in preaching for moderation.Gran'Pa and my mom and dad all died in their 60's while, with diabetes, I'm turning 80 soon. I don't really know if diabetes can be reversed but it can be moderated to an excepted level if life styles of the afflicted are undertaken. Our plague will continue to fester until each of us accept the challenge to control our excesses ourselves. Are you willing to try ? Learn more about our American Plague from literature already written about it.

Ronald C. Downie

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