Saturday, August 2, 2014

Honor, The Product of Knowledge

Honor arrives to some by good deeds done or from the sum total of a fully lived exemplary life. Mine came in the back door when a Tea Party neighbor accused me of being just a Rino, Republican In Name Only. Holier than thou in attitude, he extolled the virtues of human ignorance, he vilified the roll of scientists in assessing reasons behind climate change, and wrapped his thinking in his closeness to the real God. 

The returning to vacation of this do nothing congress further draws me away from thinking like I'm a Republican. How can truly civilized men and women simply walk away from their pledged responsibility to govern this country if they weren't demented in some way or other ? Can the color of one man's skin be so offensive that they abdicate their oath on the Bible to produce laws to enhance the betterment of their constituents ?

Our President, who has African American features, also was born of a white mother. Through a lifetime of education and growth President Obama has excelled beyond most peoples' imagination. By far and above he is one of the most intelligent presidents this country has presented its citizens. Maybe it's because I never felt I reached my full potential at being educated, that gaining knowledge through education, must be the ultimate goal of a human's existence. 

The honor is all mine in thinking independently, not being tagged by worn out idioms that have little stance in the 21st Century and beyond. The World will move forward with us or without , but be warned, it will follow learned men who recognize the past but forge the future they will possess.

Ronald C. Downie

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