Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sue Repko

Deeply hidden beyond registered time in caves our ancestors sketched scenes of animals they encountered beyond those cave entrances. Even then ancient artists had a feel for place to inscribe real time as they felt it. Ever since, artists have invested in what they do best : create their own sense of time as they develop a place, real or imagined, for time to be experienced in. 

Sue, most people I've come across in my eighty years wither under the thought of leaving familiar ground to forge life anew at some distant location. Those who do, we find their works catalogued in libraries or on display in galleries all over the World. You are destined to be one of those.

Thoughout our infrequent meetings I was always impressed with your life's story as it has enfolded and, along with everyone else, await the next chapter just beginning to be written. May good health accompany you, may good luck pave the road, and may words flow at will. 

Respectfully, Ronald C. Downie

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