Thursday, June 11, 2015

Open Letter to Senator Casey

Dear Senator, 

Hidden deeply within our Planet, history is recorded in rock, in oceans, in tree rings. Reading history is a difficult task society leaves to the students of science. In them, the truly learned of each generation, is the huge task of studying the past to see into the future. Science, for ever, has based assumptions on the premiss, that to know where your going you need to set your bearings from a point established by a study of the past. 

I am told Senator, you are engaged in a soul searching endeavor along with the other elected representatives of the people who are on the proverbial fence. Do you, and they, put your trust in science that global warming is indeed true ? Or, as you all ponder your decisions, do you trust the learned of the knowledgable or do you side with so many who have a financial gain in your vote's outcome. 

In the image of his father, a man must either be a statesman or just another elected official. Your father would have risen above just another elected official position and voted his statesman status. The living will soon forget your vote, but the unborn, the future of this World will have to try to live in an environment you'll have helped to mold. In your hands lies a future of sustainability or one of human degradation. Pick the one you wish to be remembered for.

Ronald C. Downie's

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