Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Challenge 

Do you, like me, wonder what are the institutions which foster "suicide bombers" who seem to emerge so easily in the Middle East to wreck havoc on an unsuspecting populous ? Is what just happened in Charleston, SC. the tip of a greater problem facing America today ? Are institutions prevalent here today which could foment heinous crimes designed to overthrow our established government ?

I shutter to announce my thought out position on these questions I've just asked. Sadly our great country is not in need of more guns, or bombs; but we are sorely in need of a renewed dedication to sanity. Only through an all out assault by our educated society will we have a chance to mold young mind toward empathy and caring for all life. 

It must come from both the top and bottom of society like accepting while embracing Pope Francis' Encyclical. We must coleus around a positive message instead of how it seems today. We must get away from carnage on TV, we must reduce "might makes right" in sports, music should sooth a troubled soul, and many motion pictures are so vial that they promote the angst festering within us. 

Any improvement in societal sobriety will be long in coming lasting over numerous generations. I see no quick fix. It will be difficult to change if our politicians remain bent on the status quo to prove their own importance. Change can only be accomplished by you the voter becoming involved in a race toward sanity rather than lounging on the sidelined wishing others do the job for us.

Ronald C. Downie 

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