Saturday, June 27, 2015

Broken Window Syndrome 

All my life as a public servant I believed in the Broken Window Syndrome : if a window is broken out or just cracked, immediately have it fixed or a disruptive public may not have any qualms about breaking more. Immediate response is the operative term. 

Earlier today my, across Evans street, neighbors told me about a patch of alley behind their carport/garage where for the second time someone dumped either gasoline or oil or both in the alley. I was asked if this was legal, to which, I replied, "hell no". No one is allowed openly to work on vehicles even if it's on their property. Secondly, petroleum migrates toward storm drains which empty into streams and our river. 

I urged my neighbor call 610 323 1212, the dispatch center, and report the incident, which he did. The fire department responded and determined the patch safe from fire since the fluid had already dispersed into the soil. I'm told the grass growing in the alley which is regularly mowed is now looking dead. 

We used immediate response as our action. Even with action the root cause has not been addressed. Who did this deed ? Did the fire department turn over to the police and codes information about this problem ? I don't know. 

Such a small thing in this age of huge problems, but my neighbors and I, exercised what a resident of Pottstown could do. Citizens must do what they can, no matter how small. or our way of life will wither away completely. 

Ronald C. Downie

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