Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brother Andrew 

The Downies were a two children family : Alex and Olive raised Andy and me, Ronald. I was 80 my last birthday, brother Andy was 85 on May 30th. Neither of us seems well enough to travel the distance between North Jersey and here to celebrate our birthdays together. From early childhood the Downie family played down celebrations as our religion directed so skipping celebrations is nothing new to either of us.

Andy left Pottstown during the Korean Conflict by joining the Navy spending his shore time on the west coast. I was brought to Pottstown when I was 6 month old and never left. Andy came back to the area after the Navy commitment, got some required credits through tutoring by Hill School professors, and enrolled in Muhlenberg College, Allentown. While schooling he worked at The Upper Bank in Boyertown ( National Penn) and lived in New Hanover. He married while still in the Navy and he and Peggy had two children, David & Anne. After graduation they moved the family to Jersey and Andy began public school teaching. Some years later after attaining graduate credits he gained a Professorship and began teaching at Morris County Community College, Randolph, NJ,  a position he had until his retirement. English Literature and Composition was his forte. 

I stayed home, Andy moved along. We rarely joined together for big events which effected the rest of our lives. I was very pleased when he joined me and my family for the dedication by the Borough of The Amphitheater at the Schuylkill River in my name. Since then: time, distance, and now health has gotten in the way. Neither of us ever thought that our lives would go on forever, though I doubt, either of us would have written the script we are now roll playing. For me, eighty years has been a sufficient time to make my mark on the life I've lived. 

Well Andy, Happy Birthday ! No matter the situation you're in, nor mine, we will expire and leave the living for the young as it's always been and always will be. As our lives draw to an end, thoughts accumulated in the mind are the only remnants of our lives which we carry with us to our deaths. So Mote It Be !

Ronald C. Downie

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