Sunday, June 7, 2015

Connor Man

My telephone call caught grandson Connor as he was going into a Juice Bar in San Francisco, California at 5PM Saturday, the 6th of June. With his juice in a container Connor called me back as he continued on his sightseeing tour of his newly found horizon. Connor seems to devour new sights he allows himself to explore : the Painted Ladies, so often photographed, fisherman's wharf, hills with cable cars, and where he was at the time, The Presidio, an expansive beautiful park. 

Days earlier on his train ride west Connor had a few hour stopover  in Chicago. He enjoyed the lake waterfront, the cleanliness of the city, and the Sears Tower. He especially liked a small bookstore where he purchased eight books at a really fair price to engage his mind for the remainder of the trip. Connor was not very complimentary of his fellow train travelers. Many seemed course, foul mouthed and discourteous. West of Chicago he encountered many Amish riding the tracts, he presumes, because they shun airplanes. Because of the high cost of eating in the Diner Car, Connor carried his food with him. Unlike the Amish who ate from canned foods they carried with them, Connor ate mostly snack foods while dreaming of a cooked meal. 

At this writing Connor should be on his way south from Oakland to LA then on to San Diego where he is to arrive there at 1AM. His job requires Federal clearance including fingerprinting which he'll do this first week. I don't quite understand what he will be actually be doing at his job. No matter what, in Connor they will be getting a more rounded young man than normal realizing last summer he was all over London, England and continental Europe and so far this year he crossed our continent by train ready to explore the west coast.

Naturally, Nanny and I love him whether he is on the move or not. He is to receive his college degree this next year then where he goes is still a mystery. We're sure it, too, will be an exciting journey, another episode in Connor Kurtz's life. Good Luck Connor ! Keep your eye on the horizon as you move forward in life.

Love, Nanny&PopPop

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