Saturday, May 24, 2014


Around for 120 years basketball has matured into today's winter pass time throughout the World. Played by just five players a team for a prescribed period of time the game has made numerous changes over its existence. The latest major change was the adoption of a three point line, an arch painted on the floor at each end of the court at a specific distance from the basket. A shot made inside this line is worth two points; outside, three points.

Most changes to the game needs approval of team owner's as well as basketball officials worldwide. What I intend to offer needs no such approvals just thinking of the game from a little different perspective. 

The importance of the backboard has diminished over the years, once it was integral for most shots which commonly hit the backboard first then slicing off it and into the hoop for a score. Today's play is that of more precision, eliminating the backboard, and shooting directly at the hoop and, I must say, with exceptional success. 

The backboard needs a resurgence of use. It needs to be used much, much more as a vehicle in the art of passing the ball. Each year I notice more use but some times it's not by choice but by oversight. Some terrific plays were when a player was trapped but able to pass the ball to himself off the backboard the score. The artful use of passing off the backboard needs nurturing through use in practice then in the game. Certainly this wouldn't change the game as the three point play has done but the game would maybe become a little more artistic from players second only to ballet dancers in physical dexterity. 

Ronald C. Downie 

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