Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bob Boyle, when was the last time I saw that name in print ? It wasn't in Pottstown but in Hamilton on the isles of Bermuda. You oldsters will remember Boyle as a one of a kind editor of The Pottstown Mercury. He was a guy with a vision others only shuttered at as he pulled off his published exploits; such as, publishing a front page in Vietnamese or declaring in headlines Pottstown as the seat of a newly formed county carved out of Berks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties.

My wife, Connie, and I were on a trip with the BIE to Bermuda when at breakfast I was reading the local newspaper where I saw the Robert ( Bob ) Boyle name as either or both publisher/ editor. I personally knew him when he was in Pottstown and, if time then wasn't a problem, I may have tried to see him. It was a fact, I understand, that he had relocated to the island after his stint in Pottstown to operate the newspaper there. I hope he gave his Reader's some enjoyment in print back then as he'd given a goodly number of us previously back here. John Strickler, in his blog, Strick's Pics, tells of his forty years with The Mercury being hired by Bob Boyle to start his career. Us oldsters have fond memories of newspapers when they were dynamic and fun rather than sterol and ordinary.

Ronald C. Downie

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