Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Dire Consequence

You see, the tea party people along with their way out wackos, those gun totters who are bent on secession, pledge to take their assault weapons in hand to ward off our government from enacting responsible gun regulations. They have stated that until really challenged, they'll fight to the death to keep their 100 round clips. I have ego, but I don't have that same arrogance of ego that they have. But, I do believe, our Congress is doing me and those who think like me a more terrible injustice by their inaction on climate change, than they are in not planning to enact gun control. 

Global warming is a more onerous threat to all life forms on earth than is the whole gun control issue. If Congress continues to pander to the minority vocal who insist on believing a scant few percent of hired scientists in believing there is no problem ; rather than, listening to the vast majority of the active scientist who tell of a World heating up, all life is really in trouble.

Slowly evolved, now the World's climate is quickly heating up, with dire consequences to ocean heights, to droughts, to famines, to plagues, and to super storms. If the few, who hold up action for strictly political purposes or, especially, financial gains, can wag the tail of congressional action rather than the majority in either house then we and the rest of the World will suffer. The few must be circumvented from ignorantly working their will which could put the World in dire straits. The tipping point is out there and once reached there will be no going back. Our descendants are faced with being guinea pigs in a harsh, inhospitable World. 

I hope, those who think as I do, that they will become more vocal and join their voices with mine by keeping World climate change out front and prominent and worth their troubled vote.

Ronald C. Downie

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