Monday, May 5, 2014

Anne "Nancy" Chomnuk Jones

Today, May 5, our Town's Mayor "Mayor's" Birthday !
Anne Jones was Pottstown's first female mayor.

She left Pottstown School Board as its president,
Becoming Mayor, after eighteen years school board.

Poised, Anne was regal, while being comfortable
In the position of Ceremonial Head of Pottstown.

For a wedding, "get the Mayor", was commonplace, 
In the Town Center Park or on Borough Hall steps

Was an easy request, ask Mayor "Nancy" Anne Jones.
At the head of a parade or important announcement

Our Mayor's Mayor was front and center, very willing. 
Time, realized through birthdays, moves us all along

A trail of whispering vespers, by us, called memory.
Larger than life, Anne, you certainly made History.

Happy Birthday !
Connie & Ron Downie

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