Friday, May 2, 2014

150 Years For Pottstown High School

I've been a graduate of Pottstown High School for 40% of the 150 years students have been graduated from this institution. Also, among those graduated, are my wife, Connie Mae Hall, and eight of her siblings, my brother, Andy, three of my children, and a grandson, plus numerous nephews and nieces. One of my daughters has taught school in the Pottstown system for about twenty years. I was co-captain of the football team my senior year; also, I  competed on the track and golf teams.

In addition to school attendance, I served for four years on the School Board. Later in my life, I was honored by being selected as a recipient of membership in the Pottstown High School Alumni Honor Roll. 

I wish I could be active in the 150 year celebration but age with infirmities has limited me for some years so I try to communicate, as well as I can, through the Internet. This is my 79th year in Pottstown and, whenever I could, I've tried to be a cheerleader for our town. I hope that many of our fellow graduates will acknowledge this 150 Year Celebration and support it in their own positive ways. 

Ronald C. Downie

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