Saturday, February 1, 2014

Women, Grab The Reins

Women may understand their lot in life has stemmed from an ancestry formulated on the proposition of "might makes right", meanwhile the physically mightier  male has  dominated all aspects of living beginning with the lording over of a dwelling place through the eons of hunting for game to eat. Human history has been one of physical imperialism ?

As do the tides change, so does the evolution of the human species change, not by lunar pull, but by a gradual learning force pressed from trial and error exercising the mind rather than the skeletal body. Now society is adapting to "brains have grabbed the reins". The proper time has come for some women, but others under ignorant subjugation, will have to struggle longer. 

The patriarchal bondage has cracked with the genie escaping for many. For those freed, their job is ahead of them, they must secure a no going back policy while helping those yet in bondage to free themselves. As tides never end, so never ending is the struggle for freedom, just look at the never ending battle over race relations here in the cradle of democracy.

The female gender must emulate water, by being of the softest element, but yet, being able to grind down the hardest rock; being the life blood of all living things, but yet, never depleting itself. The Captains of Industry will try to stem women's advance because they fear your new thinking will upset their power dynasty. You may rock and roll as the tide, pulled by the moon, rises and falls, but in the future you may have to become like a tsunami, over powering, wild, making your own waves, washing over all who gets in your way.

Ronald C. Downie

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