Sunday, February 9, 2014


From around the country members of my family leave and return to their homes, hopefully well rested, ready to tackle the every days of life. Through them, by their fine photographs and stories, I have traveled too. To live my life fully does not necessarily mean this old man leave his front porch or his easy chair in his front room. One of the strangest irony's of life is summed up in a statement I once read, which goes something like this, "no matter how far and wide you travel you're giant always goes with you". What you call home, you may also call it your "Giant". 

Four Seasons

I see, from my front porch, seasons pass by :
Daily shifting with the slant of solar rays,

I see as a manifestation 
Of living's involuntary deep breaths,
As all vertebrates demand of their lungs.

I experience plant leaves deep breathing
As they place their faces toward sun beams
Slanting in concert to the arc's angle
Shifting slightly each day marching through, 

Drawn in to all the living, a torch
To illuminate a dark path through strife.

Slanted rays from our universal sphere
Shift daily to draw from flowers sweet fruit,
Four seasons are drawn for Mans'calendar.

Ronald C. Downie

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