Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Writer's Dilemma

I'm closely watching my personal weather vane directly across Evans St. from my front window's vantage point. The easterly facing roof of my neighbor's house is my weather vane. This Sunday morning the roof is still half covered in snow but, even with a temperature hovering yet around freezing, the cloud filtered sun is directly hitting the roof and must be causing a heating on its surface greater than the air surrounding it.

A wet two inch snow predicted for tomorrow morning will recalibrate my roof gage. Even now, after lunch, a warming temperature has reduced snow cover to one - quarter or less. By evening it will be reduced even more but, I bet, some remnants of the snow that drifted more heavily will still be visible in the morning.

I write this not because of your need to know; but, because I need to write something, something no one else would probably bother with. Since I'm ambulatory 
challenged, where I sit I tend to stay; so when I sit in my parlor chair, if my eyes are open, I'm looking out my front windows. When spring gets here and, if I'm still here, I'll occupy the rocking chair on my front porch and write of spring bulbs, damned squirrels, and emerging flowers. 

I leave to others, those who choose not to write thoughts they've developed themselves but, who on Facebook are just satisfied with reposting what another has written, their right to remain silent as if they're muted by some affliction. I'm convinced many more people can, but don't write, because they're afraid of rejection. I write in spite of rejection because, I write for my self satisfaction, something many would call, writing as a hobby.

Ronald C. Downie

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