Saturday, February 1, 2014

When Females Find Their Stride

Women may rock and roll as the tide rises and falls with the pull of the moon but, in the future, they may have to become like a tsunami : over powering, wild, making their own waves, and washing over all who gets in their way.

Congressmen are stumbling over themselves trying to see what else they can deny their constituents : now they weigh, heat or eat ; tomorrow, tax the poor or greatly enrich the prosperous. 

Within the confines of a ballot box rests the future of womanhood and, with the success of them, lies the  future of unabated life on this planet. Until this ultimate goal can be realized, it is our country which needs saving.

I've watched Washington at its worst, presently at a 13% approval rating, and I'm disgusted. Catch a committee hearing and you'll see these dominated by paunchy old white males. These are the law makers deciding women's reproductive rights. 

Of course, it was these same entrenched males who has kept America in killing wars, as it seems, forever.
Yes, Ladies, it is your time to change the way things are done in Washington - real change comes through the ballot box - it's up to you. 

Ronald C. Downie

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