Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The history of Man's ascendence to the top of his food chain became factual for him when he wielded a huge club to subdue all man or beast that got in his way. Today the club is not of wood, but is in the form of huge sums of cash dangled in front of the greedy eyes of demanding politicians. 

Money, the 21st Century's  cudgel of choice, drives a deep, deep divide between the haves and have nots. The political haves need only to infer that their vote is up for sale, then speech in the form of money - political contributions termed speech by the highest court - funnels in.

The audacity called representation perpetrated upon the electorate by our legislators is abominable. These officials seek, first and foremost, the means to get reelected above all other considerations. It is not only your interests that are being eroded, it is all of ours. 

The idea of representative government leaning toward your interests becomes just a figment of your imagination if you're not of the moneyed group. Yes, our capital has been bought out by the capitalists.

"The Wolf of Wall Street", I suspect, will just bolster the idea that "greed is good" of an earlier movie. The grand idea that accumulated wealth can be a corner stone of modern day governance has gained support of, at least, the 1%errs. The bedrock idea of "one man- one vote" is under erosion from the powerful wielding capitalists who spend unimaginable sums of money to produce advertisements debunking "one man-one vote", the very bedrock of representative government.

Money, GranPa Downie frequently voiced, is not the root of all evil, it is the " LOVE " of money that perverts  all that lust for its thrill. Money, being only a metaphor for power, has subtly captured our modern day entrepreneurs who worship at the feet of Wall Street. 

You all know "the rest of the story", or do you?

Ronald C. Downie

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