Friday, March 29, 2013



"Off about mid-calf," the Doctor said,
"That's if the foot won't heal properly".
I said, "Let's give it some more time, Doc".
When reality sets in, it gets one to think.

Who were those boys: shorts, but no shirts,
Barefooted, one deep olive bronze with
Jet black hair, and an ever youthful smile.
The other, thin, blond, fair, somewhat older?

Jack, Bill, and me - A Band Of Brothers -
Later joined by Linwood and Bruce. We
Enjoyed barefoot summers climbing trees
And rocks in East Park, wetting in the dam.

A half mile down we caught the school bus
For Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School.
Swings, merry go round, base ball fields,
There education began it's life long roll.

Walked everywhere, caddied, played every
Game known, flopped badly at baseball,
Captained football, put the shot, threw the discus,
Was Penn State's freshman starting right guard.

Now I have a wheelchair, walker, a cane,
A hospital bed and bedside commode.
"Non-weight bearing," the Doctor warned.
Once so strong, what for? It's all gone.

Swamp Hogs, then basketball champs, Tony Z's,
Two games a night, I jumped and I ran,
I worked all day, played all night. I walked,
Knew no pain, an obstacle never stopped me.

Business and work - work and business - no end,
No doctor, no diet, no checks, no balances.
My life style embraced no moderation.
It is today, stupid ! Just plod on and let

Tomorrow care for it's own damed self.
Wrong ! I was wrong ! Independence
May be wonderful, but may not be wise.
Walk? Well, life has finally caught up with me.

Ronald C . Downie

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