Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thoughts From Then To Now

Thoughts From Then To Now

Our arteries are to us as rain is to the Earth;
Rain brings the fluid of water for Earth's use,

Our veins are to us as rivers are to this Earth.
Through them extra water veins out to the sea.

Born of the union of egg with sperm, we humans
Were cast over millions of years of trial and error.

We learned to stand upright sighting over savanna
Grasses, our "one ups man" over the prey at bay.

From tree, to cave, to waddle mud hut Man sought
A place to lay his head, build a fire for his family.

Is life a slow plodding advance, two steps forward -
One back ? Or, of giant steps, grand leaps ahead.

Thinking back, we live now in the very present time.
History records, prose depicts, graphs detail, poems ?

Do we drum as ancients did ? Can you hear them
Beating stout sticks against each other in rhythm ?

They beat to drive the herd in a desired direction,
Not unlike the drummers in a parade, setting pace.

A drummer in a band plays each of his instruments
Always keeping up the rhythm the others follow.

Remember "Drums Along The Mohawk" or "Tarzan",
Where the sounds of repetitive beats resounds.

The Great Apes pound their barrel chests drumming
Out a message to all who hear - beware of me !

Listen to a woodpecker rap out his beat in rhythm
On an insect laden limb, to them, the beat goes on.

If you get a chance to attend a high school musical
Which has a percussion segment, best you go to it.

Ronald C. Downie

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